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We all know that the main customers of candy stores are children, so we must design the candy store to be attractive enough. The most important thing in a candy store is the furniture that displays the candy. It is different from other shops, the products of the candy are diverse and the colors are rich. Its target customers are children, so the interior furniture can be some interesting, colorful cabinets. They can have many shapes and colors. Only in this way can we attract the attention of customers. Not only children, but many people are interested in new, beautiful and interesting things. Therefore, as long as we complete the internal furniture, we can attract more customers.

We are a company specializing in furniture customization. We can make display cabinets of any shape and color. We have done designs for candy shops in many different countries and provided many different types of candy display stands and cabinets. These display cabinets are very popular. If you want to buy some unique candy display cabinets, we are very happy to tailor some furniture for your shop. Our designers and workers have more than ten years of work experience, and our products have footprints in many parts of the world. It has also been well received by many customers and established long-term cooperative relations with some of them. I hope we are lucky enough to establish a cooperative relationship with you.

Okay, let’s take a look at today’s protagonist, a very beautiful heart shape display cabinet. From the above design drawing, we can see that it is very attractive. It has two colors, one is fully red, the other is red and white, no matter which color it is, it is very interesting. Let’s look at its details.

Candy store heart shape display cabinet

Size: 3615x350x2450mm

Material: MDF

Surface finish: Baking paint

Color: White, Red

Light: LED light strip

Price: 2500 USD

 Production details

When we receive your order, we will submit a drawing to the factory. Of course, the drawing will also be sent to you for confirmation. Because we need to confirm the size of the cabinet and other details. After confirmation, our workers will start production. Due to its special shape and huge size, its craftsmanship is very complicated and troublesome. Especially in curved areas, we all know that the hardness of wood is relatively high, so we must finish it and then smooth the surface. The first is to prepare the materials. We need to cut out the size of the wooden boards according to the construction drawings, and then fix them together according to the shape of the cabinet to become a love shape. All the steps are completed by one person. Our production master has ten years of work experience. Whether it is craftsmanship or some details, it can handle it very well. Because this cabinet has light strips, we will leave wires in the cabinet. After the entire cabinet is completed, we need to sand and prime it. This process of sanding takes a few days because we need to sand three times. When the surface becomes smooth, we will apply primer and then paint. Our production process is very rigorous. We will supervise the whole process and produce in strict accordance with the standards. Our baking varnish is divided into bright and matte. We generally choose bright light for candy cabinets, because bright light looks shinier and more beautiful. Production time is about 15 working days. It depends on the furniture quantity.

display cabinetsheart display


Since we are an export company, all goods are exported by sea, packed in containers, and sometimes transported together with other goods. So our packaging is also very strong. We use foam edging inside, and the whole cabinet is surrounded by stretch film, which can wrap our cabinet very tightly. Packing boxes are wooden cabinets. After putting the display cabinets in, we will put some foam boards around, and then nail the boxes tightly. After receiving the goods, there is no problem with the cabinet. If you have special requirements for air transportation, you need to note. Our shipping time depends on your country. Generally, it is 25-40 days.

heart stand

On our website, you can see different styles of candy display cabinets, they are all very attractive. If you have a shop and you want to buy some furniture for your shop, you can choose the products you like and buy. The number is also free to choose. If you have a logo, we will also help you make a 3D logo. Here, you can find any products you like, we will help you build an interesting and attractive shop. Our location is Shenzhen, China. We welcome you from all over the world.

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Color red
Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Materials MDF, baking paint
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