The customer's demand for hairdressing is not only style and color, but also a kind of emotional touch and vanity. Therefore, the location, decoration level, materials and equipment, construction air, and related services of the barbershop all determine the customer's feelings and thoughts. This requires a comprehensive analysis of the entire shop when planning a hair beauty salon. So at this time, the importance of design is reflected. Only when the design is done can there be good decoration and a good layout.

So how to design and decorate the barbershop with great salon equipment and how to improve the shopfitting to make the whole barbershop more reasonable and attractive.

barber shop design

Barbershop Decoration Steps

Collecting Information

First, find out the location of your store, collect materials, analyze and get a preliminary design idea. Our company has a professional design team that will design solutions according to your needs. After getting the most suitable decoration plan for the barbershop, it is the perfect plan and plan performance.

Preliminary design

Including preliminary design description, making preliminary design drawings, and preliminary decoration budget, etc. The design stage is a transitional stage and an indispensable stage in the decoration. The whole shop is decorated according to the design.

The operating area of the barbershop

 Generally occupies three-quarters or two-thirds of the entire store area, but this depends on the situation. An operating area is a place where customers are directly served. It should be loose, clean, and comfortable. At the same time, we must also consider the convenience and smooth flow of customers. The music must be elegant classical music. The mirror should be bright, the chair and bed should be exquisite, the shape should be unique, and the color tone should be uniform.

Construction supervision stage

This stage is mainly about ordering, sample selection, salon furniture and styling station selection,  model selection, and factory selection. Modify and supplement the drawings according to the actual situation, and check the construction quality in stages. As long as every step is followed by the process and every step can be done, a successful decoration is not difficult.

The mood of the barbershop is fixed:

The older barbershop likes the classical mood design, but the newly opened barbershop likes the trendy mood. The mood-setting is based on determining the consumer group and according to the needs of customers. Too luxurious will make customers stop looking. Too much simplification will make customers feel that the grade is too low. Secondly, your personality and the image that the store needs to display are the key points that you should consider. This needs to be "just right" to deal with some contradictions in the freeze.

The bathroom of the barbershop:

The bathroom will leave a deep impression on customers because of its high utilization rate. Therefore, it must be treated in the same way as the signboard and carefully designed. Focus on luxury and cleanliness, so that customers can leave a good impression.

barber shop

Matters needing attention in barbershop design


The sign of a barbershop is the facade of the entire shop, which can directly highlight the business culture and product theme of the barbershop. The color combination of the signboard must be eye-catching enough, and some rotating lanterns can also be placed at the door of the barbershop to make people want to walk in.

The decoration style of the store

The sentiment set is based on determining the consumer group and according to the needs of customers. The main styles are Japanese style, classical style, modern style, European style, Thai style, etc. The determination of style can form a certain difference with peers and increase their own characteristics. Moreover, the decoration style is best matched with the haircut style that the store is good at, so as to attract more consumers.

Commodity display

The display cabinet should be placed on the right side of the entrance door, with light color as the main body, high-end is better. The products on display are the ones you can sell and take away the most easily, and the products are changed frequently. Of course, you must choose the right location and avoid direct sunlight to prevent product failure and deterioration. If the location of the store is relatively high-end, then the use of high-end, brand-name products will improve the store level. To a certain extent, we can promote takeaways. If the takeaway promotion is in place, your turnover will increase by 21% (total turnover).