7 Steps Let You See Small Supermarket Interior Design

The trend of small supermarkets is getting bigger and bigger. According to data, small stores account for half of the consumers’ short-distance shopping trips. People are increasingly pursuing fast consumption. Even if the area is small, the rich product display can still attract customers as much as possible. At present, there are countless supermarkets and convenience stores in the market. If you want to win more customers, you must find a way to capture the psychology of customers and design a style that people like. So what kind of supermarket design style can attract more people? Woolen cloth? Let's take a look at the aspects of supermarket convenience store design from which to start!

grocery shopLighting 

The lighting should be pure white double-tube fluorescent lamps, because the illumination of the fluorescent lamps is balanced, and the double-tube fluorescent lamps can also make up for the direct blind spot of the single-tube fluorescent lamps, and the pure white light can reflect the original color of the product without reservation. The fluorescent lamp should be installed above the shopping aisle, and the height from the shelf is about half of the width of the shopping aisle. The arrangement of the lamps should be consistent with the arrangement of the shelves to ensure that the goods can be directly illuminated from the front.

Window Display 

The window is the main display for the external promotion of small supermarket products. Many small supermarkets are designed with glass windows at the front of the door, connecting the inside and outside of the small supermarket with visual and space, placing promotional display racks, event discount posters, etc., and using display design to organize products that need to be promoted. Improve the visual impact, convey product information to pedestrians outside the store, increase the popularity of supermarkets, and drive product sales.

small supermarketWe can also use the cashier area to place many windows, design some wall cabinets behind the back wall, or wall-mounted shelves, which will not only allow you to have more display space but also better display your products to customers.

Receiving Area

The cash register of the convenience store is located at the entrance and exit, and the cash register is divided into the entrance and exit passages at the entrance and exit. One or two checkout channels (exit channels) can be set up according to the size of the store, and then 1-4 cash registers can be configured according to the forecast of the business scale. If conditions permit, a "non-shopping channel" can also be set up as a special channel for customers without shopping, so as to avoid congestion at the entrance and exit.

The width of the checkout channel is generally designed to be 1-1.2 meters, which is the size that two customers can pass through normally; The distance between them should be at least 4 meters to ensure that there is enough space for waiting for customers to line up.

grocery shopOr we can also use part of the checkout area as a space for selling snacks, allowing your store to sell ready-made meals, which provides more choices for your customers and increases part of the profit. It can also attract customers to your store.

Commodities Stacking

grocery shopThe space between the cashier counter and the shelf and the middle of the store entrance passage is generally designed as a pile head, which is used as a sales promotion area for key categories such as new products, inventory products, promotion period products, iconic products, and branded products. Due to the special position of the pile head, the length and width of the general pile head should not exceed 1 meter and the height should not exceed 1.2 meters, so as to avoid blocking the customer's sight and blocking the passage. The pile head is located on the exit passage of the store. It is a place where store customers stay for a long time and is a good area to promote products. Suppliers are also willing to pay periodical rent for product promotion.

Shelf Design

shelfSmall supermarket shelves can use steel building materials, wood and metal frames, etc. The shelves are strong and cost-effective. The shelf area is about 1.5 square meters, and the operator should choose the number of shelves according to the operating area. The shelf should be as consistent as possible when purchasing, and the two ends of the shelf can be appropriately decorated to look unified and beautiful. We can choose the appropriate size according to the area of ​​the store, or make a reasonable match. can also be used

Shopping Channel

The design of the convenience store aisle should be as straight and long as possible, minimize curves and partitions, and use the display of goods to make customers less prone to fatigue and boredom, and subconsciously prolong their stay in the store.

grocery shopNon-commodity Areas

In addition to stores, convenience stores also need some non-commodity areas, such as offices, employee lounges, toilets, etc. The office of a convenience store, is often also called the main control room. There are two main functions connected to it, one is as the host room of the store POS system and monitoring system, and the other is as the command platform for the store supervisor to manage the store. Therefore, the office design is generally 0.8-1 meters higher than the plane, and there is a glass perspective window on the side adjacent to the store so that the store supervisor can monitor and direct the affairs in the store at any time.

A large conference table can also be placed inside, which can be summarized and unified after the end of the day's business.