5 Hot Sale RMU Design Ideas In 2022

Retail Merchandising Units (RMU) provide highly visible vending environments for shopping malls, airports, entertainment venues and other open retail locations. Customers coming from all directions can get a comprehensive view of the products or services you are showing available, and bring suppliers closer to provide direct contact with customers. As a result, a well-designed RMU can be a powerful draw for the busy shopper.


What are Retail Merchandising Units (RMU's)

When you first start researching a business involving carts, kiosks, and mobile display booths, you start hearing the term RMU, but what is an RMU? The word RMU is actually an acronym that stands for Retail Merchandising Unit, and the question I get asked a lot is, "What is a Retail Merchandising Unit?"

A retail merchandising unit is a display that typically has the ability to move and reconfigure promotional products based on display needs. These units are almost always freestanding and designed to be mobile unless attached or built into a freestanding kiosk. You will often see these units in the center of malls and plazas. We like to call them "customer interception points" in the industry. The great thing about RMU is that it can be called the linchpin of a typical brick-and-mortar storefront marketing product, as a completely separate business with low construction and maintenance costs.

RMUWhere You Will See Retail Merchandising Units (RMU’s)

The truth is that RMUs can appear anywhere, but here are some common locations:

Shopping malls and plazas, airports, railway and bus stations, fairs and expositions, various festival venues, sporting events, large hotels, anywhere there are customers...

Other Styles

Below are the RMU styles we have customized for the following customers for your reference.

Egg Shape RMU

This is a retail merchandising unit with a rounded egg shape. The whole style will look like a sailboat shape, there are mainly three layers, the bottom, the second layer, and the first layer you can use to display products, near the arc of the lamp post The countertop part we can use as the cashier area. In addition to display space, we've also designed storage areas so you can store smaller items.

RMUSunglasses Mobile RMU

As a must-have item for people to go out, too-far glasses are definitely eye-catching enough in the shopping mall. In order to facilitate you to display your sunglasses products in various shopping malls or places, this RMU style is designed. Although the size is not large, we have considered a lot of details. First of all, this RMU is a multi-layer structure. Due to the limited size of the RMU, we will expand it in terms of height, design a double-layer light stand, and install a circle of spotlights around the top to provide light sources for your far-reaching glasses. At the same time, a light box is also designed in the middle of the column, using the space in the middle to display your brand poster.

RMUWe know that sunglasses are sometimes displayed in drawers, so in the middle layout near the cashier, we designed two fairly large drawers for you. The bottom side chord extends outwards for part of the area, and the surrounding area also gives you space to display and display your products. After the display, you may need to store all the glasses products, so we designed a locker structure in the area on the penultimate floor to fully use the increased space of the RMU. Considering that there is not enough light in the middle layer board, we have added a circle of light strips in the middle circle, which makes it more convenient for you to use.

Handbag RMU

This is an RMU style that sells handbags. The overall style is very similar to the previous one that sells sunglasses. However, because the size of the handbag is relatively large, and it is displayed with the help of a bracket, we have designed the space on each floor very much. width. The space at the bottom of the RMU is of course still used as your storage area. In addition, your logo is installed in the blank area, so that customers can also notice your brand when shopping. On the other side of the RMU, there is also an advertising machine installed for you, which is convenient for you to display your own price list or promote products.

RMUHairdressing RMU

If you are worried about a single RMU, you can't move it freely, and this black RMU is also equipped with a universal wheel at the bottom for you to move. The overall style is very similar, but we have designed many layers according to the characteristics of the product, both the top and the bottom of the counter. The A-pillar structure is used at the bottom so that the side panels extending next to it can be adjusted in height according to your needs, so you don't have to worry about the height being too low for customers to choose products.

RMUTall Standing Mobile Accessories RMU

The above four models are believed to be very similar after browsing, but the vertical RMU model of this mobile phone accessory is completely different. In order to facilitate customers to display all kinds of mobile phone accessories, we have designed a lot of laminate structures for you to use. The bottom is a locker design, and the columns at both ends are used to hang mobile phone accessories. You can also add your logo to the top of the column for better display.

RMUANT DISPLAY specializes in the custom design and manufacture of RMUs to suit our client's marketing approach and goals. RMU component materials and finishes range from high-end luxury materials to meet your budget requirements. We work with our customers throughout the design process to ensure the quality of engineering, fabrication, and ease of installation. Our decades of manufacturing experience provide you with a solid investment in customizing the right RMU and store display furniture. Furthermore, the convenient RMU creates the opportunity for maximum flexibility.