The cashier is a workplace. And the cashier's location is also a display space. This is a brand element. This is an ornament. This is your cash packing counter. Every retail store has at least one, although they may vary greatly.

The size and shape depend on the size of your store and how you will use the cash pack. At a minimum, you need to provide enough counter space for the cash register and enough space for customers to set up purchases and write checks.

Function is important

Although the cashier's packing counter must be functional, it doesn't mean that your packing counter must be boring. You can let it tell your story, whether it's simple fashion or very interesting style. With an almost unlimited selection of designs and materials, your cash pack is easy to draw attention to. However, a consistent brand is very important, and its appearance and practicality are also very good.

The next 10 ideas should keep your ideas flowing, and we can create a unique cash packing counter:

  1. Location is crucial not only because of its functionality but also because of the customer's psychology. Use the cash register packaging desk as a dividing line between the two parts of the store, or put it in front to serve as an "information center" to promote the interaction between employees and customers. In addition, most customers will automatically turn right as soon as they enter the door, and then browse counterclockwise. Therefore, the cash package should be located on the left side of the entrance as the natural last stop of the customer's journey.

2 person reception counter

  1. Like other store fixtures, cash packing counters for many things can be made of many materials. Plastic laminate, polycarbonate, new or recycled wood, metal, real or artificial stone. You can choose to build suitable fixtures according to your needs and budget. You can also add something interesting so that they can inspire you and attract the attention of customers.
  2. You can make some displays near your cashier. You can show candy, biscuits, chocolate and all kinds of delicious food. You can also display some jewelry and so on.

wrap reception desk

  1. Imaginative design can represent your brand and enhance the atmosphere of the store. We can integrate your logo directly into your cashier package.
  2. You can use your brand's emphasis color as the color of the cash wrap counter to make it popular.
  3. The nearby floor must withstand heavy crowds, but it can still cleverly contribute to your unique look. And don't forget to provide enough floor space in front to accommodate paying customers to queue up for payment. Payment will not block the aisle or block the sight of those who are still shopping. Shoppers need maximum visibility to spot items they have to check up close. And for security purposes and to identify customers who might need help, you need maximum visibility.
  4. Use lighting to be creative. You need overhead lights, downlights, and/or work lighting to illuminate the work area. But the emphasis and decorative lighting add visual interest in a way that shows the individuality of the store. LED lights are particularly versatile here. Install them directly to the front of your cashier to provide backlight for colored translucent material or provide downlight trim.white reception counter



  1. Use colorful chandeliers or even desk lamps to create a comfortable feeling.
  2. We need to remember that the cash register packaging desk is an important customer service area. Don't overwhelm it with the last-minute goodness you want them to buy, as it creates chaos rather than a comfortable place to close the deal. You want customers to leave in a relaxed, optimistic, and unforgettable way. Sephora, for example, maximizes impulse buying by using winding travel-pack items to steer shoppers waiting in line for payment.
  3. Size is very important-larger stores may always need multiple cash registers and more counter space. Because even small boutiques can be very busy at certain times, guests will line up for long lights. Consider how your cash register package adapts to efficient checkout when shopping is active. Because the waiting time is too long, customers are prone to irritability. You will lose your sales qualification.

reception counter

What shape do you want?

Cash packaging can be designed in three basic configurations:

A single countertop or cabinet surface is placed parallel or perpendicular to the wall or as an independent "island". A two-part unit: one parallel to the wall, and a separate unit placed in front, facing the customer.

The three-piece design encloses the two-piece unit on one side to form a horseshoe shape.

If you need multiple payment stations, it is best to use a two-sided or three-sided configuration, and the U-shape improves security by limiting access behind the counter.

You can build the cash register packaging counter as a simple horizontal countertop or add a desktop section. But you'll also need a cabinet with drawers and shelves with doors to keep extra items out of sight. The embedded top shelf can be used to hide wires, and the adjustable shelf can easily place clothes hangers, return goods, or package items and bags.  

rounded shape

How much space do you need? 

What needs to be done in this field? You need to have enough space at the checkout counter to store at least your cash register or computer as well as your customers' purchases. We need to set aside at least 2-1/2 to 3 feet of counter length for customers. If there is not enough space to accommodate all their options, they may feel that they have bought too much. A larger space may cleverly tell them that there is more room to buy.


It is wise to leave some space in your email list to display one or two small impulse purchases and registration cards. You may also want to add a small digital sign or kiosk so customers can watch short promotional videos or photos of new items as you complete your deal.  


Do you sell goods that need to be packed and bagged? You need extra space for your packing bags. You should not use the space you provide for customers to place your products. The counters are usually 30-36 "deep. Our cashier packages designed with parallel counters should provide at least 3 feet of space between them. This makes it easy for employees to move around, bend over into the cabinet, etc. This minimum distance is also in line with American requirements and meets the standards of the Disability Act.

size of the reception desk

Improve the efficiency of the seasonal cash packages.

If you need to extend the checkout function at some point, please don't simply add temporary cash registers in other random locations around the store. This makes it easy for customers to miss the whole product part. If they see what they want after payment, they will be frustrated and you will lose extra sales. Your purpose is to want them to see everything you can offer.

Multiple checkout areas can also confuse your customers-where will they want us to check out? You can ask your retail monitor manufacturer to design a custom system that has the flexibility to expand and shrink as needed.

What you can do to turn your cash packing counter into a unique presence in your store? Whether you go all out or keep it simple, consider the checkout counter's functional essentials. Then you can invigorate it with imaginative designs and materials.