8 Types of Classical Stainless Steel Logos

Making 3D metal logos has many advantages, such as durability and being able to make all kinds of colors and metal finishes. The 3D stainless steel metal logo is waterproof. This one is very suitable for outdoor use.

We can make metal logos in many ways and combine them to make wonderful designs, which is why it is one of the most commonly used materials for logo manufacturers to make three-dimensional logos.

Metals such as stainless steel are used for logos because they can produce a wide variety of colors and finishes. The most commonly used stainless steel is grade 304 stainless steel. There are two kinds of surface effects, namely the drawing effect and the mirror effect. There are also many colors of stainless steel, such as silver, gold, bronze, and rose gold. These metals are very suitable for making durable logos and will not fade compared with traditional metals (such as bronze or copper).

3D Mirror Stainless Steel Logo 

The popular choice for many corporate logos is mirror-polished 3D stainless steel logos, also known as 3D chrome logos. Because the surface is polished to a first-class mirror, it not only looks amazing but also is relatively easy to maintain.

Trademarks are the outline of letters or designs that make up trademarks by machine laser cutting. It is then made by hand to reach the required depth, generally about 30 mm to 100 mm.

Each part/letter in the logo has its own wall mount, so it can be mounted on the wall separately. The accessories they use are quite scattered. We can't see it from the front of the sign, and allow the sign to be slightly higher than the wall by about 10-15mm.

Mirror staniless steel logo

If you want to reposition the logo or repaint the wall, raised wall fittings allow letters to be removed from the surface on which they are installed.

Embedded wall fixtures can also be used for this style of logo.

3D brushed stainless steel logo  

Drawing 3D stainless steel logo and mirror 3D stainless steel logo have exactly the same production mode. But his watch show-off was done by using stainless steel brushed hair, producing a fine satin finish.

The production process is the same as that of 3D mirror stainless steel.

brushed stainlee steel logo

Flat cut mirror polished stainless steel logo

Compared with hand-made 3D metal logos, plane-cut polished stainless steel logos are a more economical and effective method to make slightly raised metal logos. They are widely used in many corporate logos because they can still create the desired effect but at a fraction of the cost.

Each logo is laser cut from 304 mirrors polished stainless steel plate, and its thickness is as follows:

0.9 mm

2 mm

3 mm

The logo can then be placed flat on the wall with double-sided adhesive tape (depending on the texture of the wall). It can also be installed on raised wall fixtures, so that the sign is about 10 mm above the wall

stainless steel logo

Flat cut brushed stainless steel logo

Flat cut brushed stainless steel logo and flat-cut polished stainless steel logo have exactly the same production mode.

metal logo

3D metal painted logo

Like all three-dimensional metal letters, the 3D metal logo is cut from a metal sheet by laser. Then make parts on the side of the logo to create the required thickness. The depth/thickness of the logo is usually between 20 mm and 100 mm, but deeper logos can be made according to the overall size of the logo.

Then, the logo is sprayed with powder or wet spray. You can choose the color according to the Panton color card, and you can choose smooth or matte paint.

Each part of the logo has its own wall mounting bracket, so it can be installed on the wall separately. The accessories used are quite scattered and cannot be seen from the front of the logo. This allows the sign to protrude slightly from the wall by 10-15 mm.

If you want to reinstall the logo or repaint the wall, you can remove the raised wall fittings from the surface on which they are installed.

The logo of this style can also use the logo of the embedded wall

metal display stand

3D luminous metal logo

Adding lighting to the 3D metal logo is a good way. We can make the brand name stand out and make its logo a characteristic wall in the office or reception area.

The LED metal logo is made in the same way as the 3D metal logo, but an LED lighting system is installed inside each letter to producing a backlight halo lighting effect.

Color led can also be used to display a series of different color lighting effects.

Luminous signs can be made in a variety of metal colors. Such as gold/silver stainless steel, can also be painted in the color you want. You can choose your favorite color on Pantone. The LED lighting system is powered by commercial power through a transformer power supply unit.


Create 3D raised logos and letters 

Creating a three-dimensional LOGO to use as your logo and making sure it is installed on the wall is a good choice. This style of 3D metal lettering is made from a flat metal plate and hand-made so that each unique and independent letter is produced.  

The established logo and letters include an "alphabetical face", that is, the front of the LOGO. There is also a "return surface", which is a sign of depth/side. This method gives the illusion that its letters are solid, when in fact they are completely hollow. This reduces the weight of the signs, so they can be displayed and fixed on most solid walls. Don't worry that the logo is too heavy to hang on the wall.

The logo is fixed to the wall with two parts of nuts and bolts. The fixing part is a bolt that fixes the back of the logo to the wall. Bolts and nuts are fixed to each other. Then they are fixed to each other to ensure their firm position.

We usually fix it with paper and fix it with a template to ensure that all fixtures are in the correct position and that the logo is displayed on the wall correctly.

Flat cut raised signs and letters

Flat-cut raised logos and letters can also give your logo a three-dimensional feel, but they are not as thick as 3D logos. This type of metal lettering is also made of a flat metal plate without increasing the depth of the letters.

The advantage of using this method is that it reduces the manufacturing cost and weight of the logo compared with the built 3Dlogo.

Like the 3D logo, the flat logo is fixed to the wall with nuts and bolts.

stainless steel

Stainless steel logo