What Food Cart Is Good For Your Business

For those entrepreneurs who want to try the food business, but don't want to go to the mall to find a place, a food cart will be your most suitable choice. You don't need to invest in a full brick-and-mortar store, just a car, cooking equipment, and ingredients to start your own food service business. If you are interested in starting a food cart business, the first step is to find the right idea. But you need to pay attention to the difference between a food cart, food trailer, and food truck because it will affect your cost and creativity.

food cart

What Is the Food Cart?

Food carts can be described as mobile kitchens on the street for preparing street food and selling it to passersby. It also often appears in places where food from all over the world gathers, especially on the streets of tourist attractions, night markets and so on. Because it is not limited by space and can flow freely, it is very popular with entrepreneurs.

Food Carts come in two basic styles. One allows hawkers to sit or stand inside and serve food to customers through windows. The other has vendors standing next to carts, and all the space in the cart is used for storage and placement of cooking machinery. However, the final style of the cart mainly depends on the type of food. If you are still unsure about the type of food for sale, here are several food carts that you can refer to carefully.

Food Carts Types

Coffee Carts


The number of people who consume coffee every year is very large, and some customers may need to drink several cups a day, and the market potential is huge. And you invest in a coffee cart, spending as friendly a budget as you can imagine. All you need is to equip your coffee cart with a professional coffee machine and simple other necessary equipment such as an automatic water supply and sink, etc. to start your business.

Functional Outdoor Coffee Cart

This trolley is an outdoor coffee cart with all kinds of machines on board. From the design drawing, we can see that we designed this coffee cart as a closed style, and the coffee machine, water storage device and sink are all designed on the countertop. The main part of the body is the storage area, and a small drawer is also designed above the right wheel for you to use as a cashier cabinet, making reasonable use of every space. The size of the food cart is relatively small. In order to expand other space, a folding plate is designed around the body for you to use. This keeps your coffee products organized and displayed.

coffee cart

At night, this food cart can also be closed freely, just withdraw the hydraulic rods supported on both sides of the cart. In addition, the wheels of the food cart can also be moved. We not only installed four larger wheels around the cart but also installed two small universal wheels at the bottom of the cart. When you push it, you can control the direction.

Street Coffee Food Cart

This coffee cart is completely different from the previous one. The open style is more in line with the requirements of street food. Customers can watch the whole process of making coffee around the cart so that they can buy with confidence and eat comfortably.


Coffee carts generally do not require high lighting when placed on the street and pay more attention to their own product branding. So you can see that the top of the coffee cart and all around the body are coffee posters. The top of the Cart is designed as an arc cabinet structure, your logo can be directly installed on the top, the coffee compressor and water boiler are placed on the countertop for easy use, and there is a glass cover next to you to place your prepared coffee drinks. Cart's cabinet is three cabinets structure, we designed a cup divider on the body so that you can take the cup more conveniently.


In order to make your food cart push better, all the universal wheels are used at the bottom, and pushers are added to the cart to make it more convenient for you to push. The main material for making this cart is different from the previous one. The main body of this coffee cart is made of stainless steel, so it can last longer.

Juice Drinks Cart

juice cart

In addition to carts that can be pushed, there are also models that can be ridden, such as our juice cart, which looks a lot like a tricycle but has been redesigned to make it more conducive to juice sales. We reserve the bike seating area so you can ride it anywhere. The main product display area is the trolley counter, a juice bucket and a juice storage basin are placed on the countertop, and a double-layered space is designed inside the counter for you to store and store. The canopy on the top is also a highlight of the car. It not only provides shade but also promotes publicity. The three-wheel structure is also very stable, so there is no need to worry about the car falling or being unstable.

Snack Food Cart

hot dog cart

In addition to the above carts that sell drinks such as coffee juice, snack carts are also very common in life. For example, in this hot dog cart, we designed the body to have a grill function, and also designed the roof structure. The red and yellow colors can make customers notice your booth from a distance and help you attract the attention of customers. The two large wheels on the body and the bottom support bar are more helpful for you to push the whole cart to move.


When your booth is not moving, the support bar at the bottom also allows you to conduct business smoothly.

Candy Cart


Candy and all kinds of sweets are also very popular foods. This kind of food cart should be very careful in the design because most of your customers are children or young women. The cute shape and appearance can bring you popularity, so you have more potential customers. For example, in this food cart, we designed it into a cute pink series, besides your logo on the top, there is also a display of the same product, so that customers can understand your products. The body part is a variety of equipment and machines. If you want to have the same model, then come and consult, we will customize an exclusive food cart for you.