Candy Carts

Everyone loves candies and desserts in our life, and it is not only a very delicious snack but also a great gift. Sweets are often used to celebrate important holidays, such as Christmas, New Year, birthdays, weddings, or some festive occasions. Every place needs a cart to display candies and desserts, and we have the best option available whether you are looking for a white canopy candy cart, a Wooden dessert Cart, or stainless steel cotton candy cart. If you have just started a candy business and you are short of funds, you can choose to build a retail candy cart. The candy trolley only occupies a small rental space. Compared with opening a candy kiosk or candy store in a shopping mall, it can save a lot of rent, decoration expenses, and costs. The locations where you can use the candy cart are very extensive. You can sell candies using a mobile candy cart on the street, in front of the school gate, outside the park, playground, or in shopping malls. These places usually have a lot of customer traffic, especially children, and there is a tremendous demand for sweets.

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A cart is a small mobile vehicle that you can move around to different places. By distinguishing from further usage, candy carts are diverse into cotton candy, retail, and anniversary cart. Wood is usually the preferred material to build a candy cart, but sometimes we will use cardboard to create a collapsible & foldable cart. 

The Most Popular Carts For Sale

A unique, eye-catching candy cart not only requires a modern design but also focuses on the color and decorations. The white color is perfect for a wedding, while pink is better for a birthday party; wooden and brown are popular colors in candy buffet displays.

Retail Candy Carts

 A retail candy cart is A small candy kiosk is that sells candies, sweets, m&m chocolates, or nuts. Sometimes it also looks like a dessert cart, candy van, or candy trailer. Typically, those carts have an attractive design with functional display stands; Retail carts need to hold as many candy bins as possible and have strong wheeling casters to keep moving around. Wood and metal are the most popular material in retail candy cart fabrication. 

Cotton candy cart

cotton candy cart for saleStarting a cotton cart retail business is also a brilliant idea for small businesses. The best place to open a cotton candy stand is in the park, cinema, shopping mall, and amusement center. Stainless steel is the ideal material for manufacturing cotton candy stands, as it can last long and withstand different weather situations.

Wedding & Birthday candy cart

Many weddings and birthday parties will need a candy buffet display cart for visitors. Those weeding candy display stands come in a beautiful white finish with a platform to display candy and dessert. If you are looking for a cheaper cart, cardboard is the perfect material to make it collapsible, foldable, and reusable.


How to build a candy cart? Many people can DIY a cart for a wedding candy display. But more people will choose to buy a ready build cart directly from the manufacturer. Here are several adequately points choose retail carts. 

Low Cost

Because candy carts as usually used outdoor, it no need for high rent like a shopping mall. And a cart size is small, and the cost is low. You need to spend very little money then can start your business.

Very Flexible

We supply candy carts with durable wheels. You can push it anywhere freely. So whenever you want to change locations, you can move the cart to different places. Some candy carts will come with a bike, and you can ride it, which is very convenient.

Easy to Use and Maintain

Maybe you wonder if the cart is durable enough if the candy vans are used outside for a long time. We have different options to meet your choice. If you mainly use the cart indoors, just a few times use the candy cart outdoors, and you can choose our wood candy cart. If you always use outdoor, then we need to select something weather-proof. We can use stainless steel as the primary material for the candy cart, and the surface can go with paint, which is very durable.

Easy to sell candies

Because there are many places to choose from, it is very flexible. So, where there are many children and many people, you can push the car to do business, and people can easily spot your vehicle.

How to start a candy cart business?

  • First, you have to conduct market research. You have to look at the people in your area. If more children are near you, doing a candy business here would be good. You also have to see if there are some candy shops nearby. If there are many candy shops nearby, it has been not suitable for the candy business here.
  • It is necessary to contact your city manager to obtain the corresponding permits and certificates. 
  • Research your competitors, confirm that your services, pricing, and products are different from others, and make your products more attractive.
  • Customize a beautiful and practical candy car. First, buy a candy cart to start a candy business, and this car must be lovely and very functional. You can find some manufacturers who specialize in custom candy carts to help you design and make carts.
  • Plan and confirm your price list and product catalog. Your menu should be self-explanatory, diverse, and affordable for customers to choose from.
  • Pick and buy the candies you want to sell. For different needs and people, you have to provide various types of sweets.

Why Ant Display

Ant display limited is a direct commercial stand manufacturer specializing in making customized indoor and outdoor carts, vans, trailers, kiosks, stalls, and mini-shops for candy displays. Whether you are looking for a mobile retail cart for shopping malls or need a unique charming candy cart for weddings and birthdays, we have the best options available. Our workshop already has 12 years of experience and can supply you with exquisite work and the most favorable price.

If you are still looking for a candy cart, you can check our web and find many different models!