golden display rack

If you want your shop to become more high-end and attractive, then we have to start with its internal furniture. We all know that the furniture in many stores will use electroplated stainless steel shelves as the furniture for displaying products. Stainless steel itself has many advantages. With the addition of electroplating treatment, its performance is more stable, and generally we will choose gold electroplating. The whole metal display cabinet looks like gold, which is very beautiful. Today I want to introduce a clothing store whose interior furniture is made of metal materials. It looks very textured. The metal frame plus the wooden material, after surface treatment, becomes the current platinum display cabinet, which looks very luxurious. Let’s look at the details.

Golden metal display shelves for sale

Size/shape/color: Customize

Material: Stainless steel, MDF

Surface finish: Electroplate, baking paint

Our location: Shenzhen, China

Production time: About 28 working days

We are a furniture customization company. We can help you design an entire store layout according to your store floor plan. As shown in the picture above, we can design all the furniture and decorations inside. After confirming the design, we can make it according to the furniture size and style in the design drawing, so that we can not only confirm all the details. You can also see the effect of the entire store in advance. Our store design fee is 500-1000 US dollars, the specific price depends on the area of the store and the quantity of furniture. Because we have our own factory, you can check the progress of the goods at any time during the production of the goods, and we can update you the progress of the production. If you want to visit our factory, we are very welcome. I hope we can establish a friendly cooperative relationship and look forward to your consultation.