Stone Reception Desk

stone reception deskStone Reception Desk

Because of the hard surface and beautiful stone grains, Stone reception desks becomes the most popular styles in every business space. Everyone would embrace the natural look of vast stone patterns. Put a marble reception desk in front of your office can offer a magnificent appearance to every guest and add an aesthetic atmosphere to the interior decoration. Not all types of stone can be used to build a reception desk. To achieve a beautiful design but not compromise on supreme quality, only a few choices are available, including marble, granite, artificial stone, and backlit translucent onyx. The stone reception desk has a hard, smooth surface to allow all reception and communication activities. Moreover, The lovely stone textures always emitting a friendly, impressive feeling to every visitor.

Ant Display custom design and manufacture stone reception desk with a modern, sleek design. By using the stylish stone, we can create an excellent stone reception desk in your dream style. Whether you are searching for a custom marble reception counter, a granite desk, or need a backlit onyx reception desk, sent us your inquiry, and we can custom it for you at the best rate. Contact our team to get an incredible translucent stone reception counter!

  1. Corian & Artificial Stone
  2. Granite
  3. Marble
  4. Backlit Onyx
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