Glasses are an indispensable existence around us, it can help us restore vision. Around us, people who wear glasses and those who don't wear glasses are almost the same, which shows how important glasses are. For people with deep myopia, without glasses, it is equivalent to seeing nothing. So when we go out, we can see many optical shops on the street. They can help us test our vision and help us make a lens suitable for our eye power. We are choosing the spectacle frame we like. Today I want to introduce you to the furniture in the optical shop. We all know that there must be a lot of glasses for us to choose from in the optics shop. They need some furniture to display all our glasses and other products, such as eye drops or other glasses-related products.

If our shop is small, how do we arrange our furniture? If you want to see the actual store effect, you need to do a 3D design. We can arrange the glasses shop interior furniture according to the size of our store. The best way to present it is to determine the furniture of our entire store through 3D design drawings.

optical shop

Shop Layout

First of all, we need to take a look at the shape of our store. Some stores are very irregular. Then we need to use some special-shaped furniture. If our shop is square and square, then our furniture can use regular sizes and shapes. The shop I’m going to introduce today is of regular size, and it’s rectangular. We will be more convenient when designing. Sometimes our shop also has some protruding areas. When designing the size of the furniture, we make sure that our furniture is placed in this position. The advantage of customization is that we can change the size of the furniture at will, and we can adjust it to whatever we need.

Inside Furniture

After understanding the shape and size of the store, we can start designing the interior furniture. Due to the small size of this shop, there are not many places in the middle. The first thing we can be sure of is that we need some back cabinets against the wall. On one side of our shop, we can see several tall cabinets arranged side by side. According to the customer's request, we designed a TV cabinet on the middle cabinet, and our lightbox logo can be placed on the TV. Below is a glass display cabinet where we can display our glasses. Next to the TV cabinet are two identical glass high cabinets. The part against the wall is a shelf display and the glass display on the ground. Next to the glass cabinet are two cabinets with mirrors. We can see that its left and right sides are opposite. It looks very harmonious and beautiful. Each cabinet has drawers and storage cabinets, and we can store our inventory or some packing boxes.

In addition to this long row of display cabinets, we can see a small tall cabinet and two bench tables in this store. These two tables and tables can be used as information desks, our customers can sit down and discuss more details with us. For example, discuss the power of glasses suitable for the customer or other methods of glasses maintenance. 

Shop Decoration

In addition to furniture design, we also suggest designing some wall decorations, such as lightbox paintings. We can show some posters for our products or pictures of our industry. It will also look professional.


If you also have your own new store, but you don't know if you want to buy in-house furniture, you can contact us. Our designers will help you design. No matter if you are a special store or a frequently changing store shape, we can design suitable furniture for you. Even in a small shop, as long as we use every space reasonably, we can display all our things. Therefore, the store design is very important. We may not be able to buy suitable furniture directly. The designed furniture is tailor-made for our shop, and we can see the effect before buying. So the design is very convenient and necessary.