crepe store design

Now the decoration in the store is very important to the sales of our store. Many customers first pay attention to the environment in the store. So if we want to start a store, we first have to spend a little time thinking about its layout, colors, and styles. Design is to present our ideas through the computer. We can use the design drawings to decide what kind of furniture, decorations, and colors to use. Through correction, we can get the final look of the store, and then we can decorate and purchase furniture according to the furniture and style of the design drawing.

crepe store

Today I’m going to introduce the design of a crepe shop, which is a standard square shape. Generally, the furniture needed for this kind of food store is very clear. A bar counter, work table, and some tables and chairs will do. The bar counter in this store is also square, and there can be cash registers and crepe machines on the counter. Customers can pick up and order food here.

The wooden shelf on the top of the bar can be used as storage or decoration, it can provide a lot of space. The overall effect also looks very modern.

crepe store design

Just choose some conventional tables and chairs. The color of the wall can be made according to the customer's idea. Lightbox painting is one of the most commonly used decorations in food stores. It can display our main products or menus.

crepe shop

The color of the furniture needs to match the style of the store. The outside of the bar in this store is mirrored stainless steel, which can reflect the color of the floor, so it looks the same style as the floor. Logo can be installed outside the bar.

There are two types of floors in this store, one is a wooden floor and the other is patterned. The wooden floor can correspond to the wooden display cabinet.

crepe shop

From the top view, we can see the layout of the entire store and the distribution of furniture. This kind of small store generally does not require too many tables and chairs. So we can divide the space between the bar counter and the work table. Limited by space, if we still need more storage space, we can use ceiling cabinets.

display cabinet

Store 3D Design

The 3D design drawing is no different from what we actually see, so many people will design the shop before they start buying furniture. For some clients with ideas, they will spend more time on design in order to present their ideal results. So the design drawing is very important. If you also have a store and want to buy the furniture in it, I suggest making a design. In this way, we can clearly know how big the bar needs to be, the effect of the decorations, and the number of tables and chairs.