Modern Fashionable Industry Style Optical Store Interior Layout Design Idea

An optical shop is a place that specializes in providing optometry and selling various products related to glasses. For people with vision problems, the optical shop is very attractive to them. We can adjust our vision and protect our eyes by purchasing glasses. In addition to eyeglasses, the optical shop also sells a variety of sunglasses. Sunglasses are very fashionable products, and many people are more inclined to modern styles when designing optical shops. Today I want to show you a modern industry-style optical store interior design.

optical shop

Store Layout

This store is not large in size, it consists of tall display cabinets on both sides and a display table in the middle. The main color of the store is wood, the floor and right wall are cement gray, and the ceiling is composed of steel frames. The dark gray steps separate the display area from the cashier area, it makes the shop more layered. Because the shop is small, if we want to display more products, then we can use as much space against the wall as possible.

Display Furniture

This is the most important thing in an optical shop, we need to sell our products, so we have to use some shelves to put our eyeglasses or sunglasses. A high wall cabinet is the most popular display method.

High wall cabinet

sunglasses store design

Since there are many colors of sunglasses, many display cabinets will choose a white backplane. In order to make the entire display area brighter, we can set a luminous backplane, and the display layer can use transparent tempered glass. Its wall cabinet is divided into two parts, the upper is the display area and the lower part is the drawer display and storage cabinet.

drawer display

We all know that if an item is left in the same place for a long time, it can easily collect dust. So for higher value or some stock products, we can display them in drawers. The glasses display is placed inside the drawer. It has several slots for 9-12 pairs of glasses. The surface is flannel, which can protect our glasses well.

sunglasses shop

Next to the display cabinet is the decoration of solid wood strips. If we want to highlight the industrial style and add some color to the display cabinet, we can use the blue aluminum plate as decoration.

Display Table

display table

The display table is generally placed in the middle of the store, and the product can be placed on the countertop, and the number of it can be displayed is relatively small. We can use assistive tools to help us present them better. Such as square boxes, etc. The bottom of the display table is generally empty so that the space does not appear too crowded.

sunglasses stand

On the display table, we can set up an area to put the lenses, and if we have such colored sunglasses lenses, we can display them so that customers can see the variety of our products.

display table

The mirror is a very important tool, and different glasses give people different feelings. Different people also fit different styles of glasses, so mirrors can help people better fit their glasses.


Lighting is also a very important part of a store. We need to choose the right lighting according to the style of the store. There are two kinds of lights in this store, one is a ceiling light and the other is a wall hanging light.

ceiling light

The ceiling light is in the shape of a fan. It has a total of 6 blades. We install the light bar inside the fan blade. This style of light can also be used as a fan.

hanging wall light

The wall hanging lamp is composed of several vertical light tubes, one wall can install 3-4 wall hanging lamps. Its color is white, we can install it on the wooden board.

wall light
Seating area

Regardless of the store, having a seating area is very important, especially for service-type stores. On the steps below the cash register, we can place cushions with backrests as seating areas, so that customers or accompanying persons can take a break.

seating area


Logos are a must for every store. We can put it at the door of the store so that in addition to attracting the attention of customers, it can also make our store look more professional. So we can make a glowing 3D logo on the top outside the store.



The style and interior display cabinets of any store can be designed and customized. So we can determine the style and layout we want by 3D design. Ant Display can help you design the entire store and provide interior furniture and decoration. Such as glasses cabinet displays, solid wood strip decorations, ceiling lights, cushions, tables, logos, etc. We have been engaged in the custom industry for more than 10 years, in addition to optical shops, we can also provide sunglasses kiosks for shopping malls and other retail store furniture, etc. So if you want to start a new store, you can contact us. We will help you design and provide the furniture you need.