perfume shop

The fragrance is very popular in any country, it has no gender distinction, so its target customer can be anyone. Perfume has a very attractive aroma, and if a person smells good, we will also be impressed by him/her. So perfume shops are also growing day by day. Today I want to introduce a shop with a strong Middle Eastern style.

perfume shop

The main features of the Middle Eastern style are exaggerated carved decoration and noble style. Among them, the arabesque is very representative. Arabesque is a complex and gorgeous decoration, the specific means of expression is the repeated use of geometric figures in a plane.

gold perfume shop

All the furniture in this store is decorated with patterns, mainly with golden stainless steel frames as decoration. The main colors inside the store are gold, blue and white. We can see that its pattern is very attractive, and the effect of gold stainless steel is very advanced.

middle eastern style perfume shop

When we renovated the store, the floor and ceiling also need to be consistent with the style of the whole store. Our display furniture can be designed according to our walls, ceiling, and floors.

attractive perfume showcase

Since the wall cabinets in this store are integrated with the wall, a whole wall can be customized and then installed in the store. This looks like a whole, and many jewelry stores also use this display method embedded in the wall.

custom perfume shop

If you want to build a beautiful shop, the first thing is to design the shop. Then we can fitment the shop according to the final design. We are a custom furniture manufacturer, we can help you to design the whole shop and arrange the furniture style and layout. After confirming the final design, we can produce the furniture and ship them to your country. You can install them according to the design position.