jewelry display cabinet

Everyone likes to wear jewelry and the husband always buys a necklace as a gift for their wife. And it’s necessary to open a jewelry store and start a business. Because of the whiteness, purity, and rarity of jewelry, it can represent pure friendship and unswerving love, and it has become famous. It jumped above the gold jewelry and was favored by the relatives of the emperor, the relatives of the emperor, the dignitaries, and the wealthy merchants. Here is a luxury jewelry store sharing with you. It is designed for a brand Baijue Jewelry, Who first proposed the "World Platinum" platinum jewelry theme concept, and injected new cultural connotations into the product.

Jewelry store furniture decoration

Color decoration

This jewelry shop is in golden color with golden metal line decoration on the wall. Which can not only make the jewelry looks better, but high level the shop. And give a very high-value feeling to the clients. We can also see the brand logo and letter in white color, very outstanding and attracts attention. So that people can remember us when viewing us for the first time.


Material information

As it needs a very high-end jewelry display showcase of the shop, we choose to use MDF with high glossy baking paint to build the kiosk body. And outside of the counter use stainless steel cover, which gives the jewelry shop furniture a metal texture.

jewelry display cabinet

Light decoration

The whole shop uses a yellow warm light lamp for decoration and white light for bright. So that people can see the jewelry better and also feel welcome when entering the shop. We can see the wall metal column with yellow warm light and the back wall logo also has a warm light decoration. Inside the wall cabinets also has a warm spotlight to show how the jewelry looks like when wearing it.

jewelry shop furniture

Jewelry store furniture introduction

From the design drawing, we can see this jewelry display shop has L shape counter, wall cabinets, lightbox posters, and a brand logo wall. Jewelry shops don’t need much display furniture, but an unforgettable design helps a lot. Let’s view more details about kiosk furniture.

jewelry display showcase

Jewelry counter description

The jewelry display counter is very important in a retail shop. We can see the jewelry display showcase has a glass cabinet at the top, it mainly uses to show the products. This glass cabinet has a white light lamp for decoration. The middle area has a wide golden metal decoration, a very good place for a silkscreen logo. Under the display, the counter is space for legs. It can increase comfortable feeling when clients sit down. Behind the counter are lock doors for jewelry and bottom lock cabinets for place jewelry boxes.

Wall cabinets

When entering the room, we can see there is a display cabinet in the wall with a glass door. It views as a showcase window with a necklace display inside. We can also put some new designs and valuable jewelry. Upon the cabinet is a brand logo wall with a wood strip background. The glass display cabinet is at the best viewing angle, and below we can install cabinets to increase the storage area or use the same wooden strips as the overall style.


Brand logo wall

A good logo wall is a theme of a jewelry shop, we have to choose one matches the shop well. It is usually set at the back side wall so that people can find it directly at a first glance. And can also remember us well when we first enter the jewelry store.

Lightbox painting

Advertising and promoting are very important in business activities. Clients know new jewelry designs from the advertising posters, and brochures when passing by. Baijiu jewelry shop has a lot of lightboxes for advertising, it can also view as a guide to the consumers. The lightbox has a metal frame to match the jewelry shop well.


About jewelry shop design

For a new business, most people don’t know how to decorate the jewelry shop and choose good quality products. In this case, they need to find a professional manufacturer who provides both excellent design and produce furniture service. Ant Display is such a company that can help you open business quickly. Here are the steps to get a luxury jewelry shop design.

Firstly, measure the shop size and think about what kind of furniture to use

Secondly, make a professional design with a brand logo

Thirdly, check the design drawing carefully and modify it better

Finally, confirm the design and make a detailed drawing for production.