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There is no fixed color matching for any kind of store. We can choose any color we like and in line with our brand concept. As long as the interior decoration service and product quality are good, we can still attract many customers. Therefore, when many people design a store, sometimes they set it according to their own preferences, and sometimes they will decide according to the color of the brand or the color of the product. So a lot of the stores we see are very diverse. Jewelry stores are no exception. Our impression of jewelry stores is a very high-end luxury because jewelry itself is a very high-end and beautiful existence. In order to create a store that matches the jewelry, many people will decorate the store very beautifully to match the jewelry. We need to choose a display cabinet that matches the style of the store. In addition to the style, the color also needs to be unified. Therefore, it is very important to match the walls, ceilings, floors, display cabinets, and jewelry display props of the store. Today I’m going to introduce jewelry display props that can be matched with jewelry stores in three different colors.

1.  Black

black jewelry store

Black has images of nobility, stability, and technology. Many technological products such as sports cars, cameras, and instruments mostly use black, In other respects, black is a solemn symbol, and is also commonly used in space design for some special occasions. Most daily necessities and clothing designs use black to create a noble image. It is also the main color that is always popular and is suitable for matching many colors. So for jewelry stores, black is a very common color. If you want to create a black jewelry store, then we suggest that the wall cabinets, ceiling, and floor also choose black, so that the whole store can be integrated into a whole. If only other colors or white are used for the floor or ceiling, the effect of the entire store will be greatly reduced. Therefore, it is best to choose a uniform black color, which will give customers a more comfortable look and feel, and also conform to the meaning of black.

Black Jewelry Store Display Props

For black display cabinets, if our display panel is also black, then the recommended color for jewelry display props is also black or dark. Such as dark blue, dark gray, etc. If you like the display in black, but you want to add a little another color of the brand, then we can use the color of the jewelry display props.

jewelry display

jewelry display

Black is an attractive color, but it can be paired with fewer display trays. We need to be careful when choosing colors.

2.  White

white jewelry shop

White represents purity and symbolizes holy elegance. Western countries generally like white. In commercial design, white is usually used in combination with other colors. Pure white will give others a cold and severe feeling, so when using white, some other colors will be mixed. Pure white jewelry stores are relatively rare. When we design white display cabinets, we will add some metallic colors, such as silver or gold. This will also be more in line with the texture of the jewelry. Stainless steel is the main decorative material for jewelry cabinets. If we want a white style, but don't want to be too monotonous, then we can choose to use silver stainless steel as the frame of the display cabinet, which will also make the cabinet more sturdy.

White Jewelry Store Display Props

As mentioned earlier, white is generally mixed with other colors when used, and they are a small part of the embellishment. And white can be paired with any color, so it can fit into a wide variety of jewelry displays. If you want to make the whole store lighter, we can choose jewelry displays in light colors, such as off-white, pink, light gray and light wood color, etc. The use of off-white is the most.

jewelry stand

jewelry showcase display

3.  Gold

gold jewelry shop

Gold is one of the most brilliant luster colors, and the value of gold endows gold with symbolic meanings such as luxury, decoration, splendor, show-off, and fame. So gold jewelry store is the most common because it is highly matched with gold. We know that there are many kinds of jewelry, and gold is one of the most valuable ones. As a metallic gold that matches the gold color, it is often used as the color of the display cabinet. There are many kinds of gold, such as pure gold, champagne gold and rose gold, and so on. When we use gold as the main color of the store, we also used gold to decorate our ceiling or walls, so our store looks sparkling. Many people have vanity, so they prefer to visit stores that seem to be of higher value. This is why so many jewelry stores choose gold.

Gold Jewelry Store Display Props

Since the bottom plate of the golden jewelry display cabinet is generally white, it can choose some display props with a white bottom plate and a golden border. Jewelry comes in many colors, and choosing white as a display can also show the original color of the jewelry, so white will be applied in many places. For gold jewelry cabinets, white displays are used the most.

jewelry store display

Jewelry Store Display Effect

If you have a favorite jewelry store style or color but want to try to match different colors of jewelry display, we can make a 3D design to see the overall effect. It also helps us make the final decision. Ant Display is a customized manufacturer of display cabinets for jewelry stores. In addition to display cabinets, we can also provide display props. So if you want to open a jewelry store or a jewelry kiosk in a mall, we will help you design the layout, style, and matching jewelry display of the entire store, so that you can get a full set of jewelry store furniture here.