clothing store

As the number of children grows, the children's market will become a hot spot, and so will the children's clothing market. Compared with adult clothing, children's clothing is more profitable, and children's clothing is easier to sell. After all, as people's income levels continue to increase, parents are willing to buy high-quality children's clothing for their children, so opening a children's clothing store is a good choice. For a children's clothing store, the location of the store determines the quality of the business to a large extent. Therefore, before starting a children's clothing business, you must first choose a good store address. It is best to open children's clothing stores in places where children often visit, such as near large playgrounds, shopping malls, clothing street shops, neighborhoods, etc. Opening here can ensure the largest number of potential customers and help the sales of children's clothing. Of course, the location of a children's clothing store depends on the actual situation, and the choice of store location and storefront depends on the number of funds.

clothing shop

If your budget is not high, then we can only choose a smaller store. But even a small store, as long as the interior decoration is done well, can attract the attention of many customers.

The store in the picture above is very small, and we can see the entire store from the door. It has only 3 walls, the interior is empty, without any pillars or windows. So we can only use the space on the wall.

children clothes shop

Clothes are all supported by hangers, so the main thing in clothing stores is to have poles for hanging hangers. The poles are generally made of stainless steel, and the most common ones are silver and gold. You can use gold if you want the shop to look more advanced.

clothing shop design

All 3 walls of this store use the same display. The white display cabinet is equipped with golden poles and spotlights on the top. The cabinet also has some shapes, so that it doesn’t look too monotonous.

display rack

In addition to displaying furniture, we also need a cash counter and rest area. Because this shop is not big, we can only make a small stool. Behind the cash counter, we can also make a small image wall. It can place our logo. Basically, all shops will make such a wall, it looks very beautiful and professional.

Clothing Store Design

If you want to buy some furniture for your shop. You can send us your shop floor plan, we can design a suitable display according to your shop area and shape. When fnishing the design, you can check the details. If you want to modify it, we can work with you.

The store design fee is based on the shop area. The design time is about 3-4 working days.