perfume store

The interior decoration and style of the perfume shop are relatively important. Perfume is a luxury, and the range of people who use it is very wide. Many people like to spray perfume when going out, not only for women, but also for men. There are also perfumes that are divided between men and women. We all want to give other people a good impression, perfume can make us attractive. When buying perfume, where do you usually go?

perfume store

There are many international brands of perfumes, as well as many other brands. Many people who pursue quality will choose to go to a professional perfume store to buy. The decoration of professional perfume shops is very beautiful, especially the cabinets displaying perfumes.

perfume store design

The main color of this store is rose gold, rose gold stainless steel as decoration, it has several different display cabinets, making the store look vivid.

This kind of display cabinet against the wall is used in many retail stores. Its height extends to the top and is mainly for display on the floor. The background is white, and there are light strips on the top of each floor.

retail display stand

The picture above is shown by some metal frames and laminates. Their shapes are very special. The stand below is made of wood grain imitation marble, which looks very high-end.

custom perfume shop cabinet

The front desk is also a very important part. Its color is the same as other furniture, and customers will feel comfortable when they see the decoration of the entire store.

perfume shop

If we have a glass window, we also use the above pictures as the display method, which is fixed on the top. There are only some frameworks, which take up very little space and don’t make people feel crowded.

retail stand

The overall feeling of this store is very high-end, and its design mainly depends on the size of the store and the customers’ ideas. Fo this kind of shop, generally only one main color is used in combination with white so that the overall view is very coordinated. Stainless steel is a very luxurious and beautiful decoration material, and it also comes in many colors. Such as gold, champagne gold rose gold, and so on. Many display cabinets in jewelry stores are also made of wood and stainless steel.