Perfume Display Cabinet


If you want to open a perfume shop, the main furniture you need to order is a perfume display cabinet. They are widely used in retail cosmetic shops, skin care shops, beauty shops, salon shops. The cosmetic display cabinet will come with many shelves for display, the bottom will have cabinets with locks for storage. The top usually can leave some space to show the brand and signs. We can supply you with perfume display cabinets in different styles and materials. We can make wooden perfume display cabinets, glass perfume display cabinets, metal perfume display cabinets. They have various colors for your choice. And we do customize, you can tell us want what kind, we can design for you.


Ant display limited already cooperated with many famous cosmetic and perfume brands, like Dior, Chanel, Gucci, Cartier, etc. We already made many perfume display cabinet and cosmetic display furniture for them. From us, you can get the most favorable price and high-end quality. All our materials are selected carefully from top material suppliers. And we attach great importance to production progress, we will arrange quality check person help check each step during production. After production, we will take photos and videos for you to see each detail and effect. After all ok then will pack the furniture use hardwood boxes. Our workers have already made customized mall kiosks and shop furniture for more than 15 years, so can ensure to give you exquisite workmanship. Browse our web you can find perfume display cabinets in different shapes and styles, there will have one you like.

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  1. Luxury Perfume Display Counter | High Wall Cabinet For Display Cosmetic Products
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Our perfume display cabinet mainly includes the following four types:

  1. perfume display wall cabinet

perfume display wall cabinet

Perfume display wall cabinets are put against the wall to display perfume and cosmetics. Because against the wall, so it as usually is high. Our perfume display cabinet can be made of wood, glass, and metal. Wood wall perfume cabinets are widely used in retail shops. Metal wall display cabinet can use very long time, its surface will be finished by a powder coat, can do many different colors.

  1. wall mounted perfume cabinet

If your shop space is small and you want to display more perfume, you can choose a wall-mounted perfume display cabinet. They are fixed on the wall, which can help save floor space. They can make full use of your shop wall, so you can display more perfume. At the same time, a wall-mounted perfume cabinet is also a good decoration. They can make your shop looks more attractive.  

  1. gondola perfume display cabinet

Gondola perfume display cabinet is put in shop middle or aisle. We have single side gondola perfume cabinet, double side, and four sides gondola perfume cabinet for your choice. Gondola perfume display cabinets are easy for customers to select perfume. And they are very functional, can display a lot of products.

  1. free-standing perfume display cabinet

perfume display cabinet design

The free-standing perfume cabinet will be put in the middle of the shop, they as usually put near the shop front window. They allow customers to see the perfume from all views. They are used to put some new arrival and discount perfume to attract customers.


What we can supply you with?

  1. Most favorable factory price

Our company is in an industrial zone, and the rent and labor costs are relatively low. There are many raw material suppliers around us, we can get high-quality raw materials at very favorable prices. So we can give you the most favorable factory price.

  1. Superior workmanship and quality

Our workers are professionally trained, they have more than 15 years of experience, so we can guarantee you excellent craftsmanship. And we aim to give each client perfect work, so we attached great importance to quality. During production, we will have a person to check quality for each step to ensure give you perfect work.

  1. Professional design service

We have 2 professional design teams, our designers have rich experience in designing customized kiosks and shops. They know the mall requirements in different countries, will follow your mall criteria to design the furniture. This way can help you get approval.

  1. Responsible sales help you take care of all details

If you have ideas and needs for the perfume furniture design, our sales will gather send designer; if no, also no worries, our sales will give you suggestions. We will help you from design progress to production to delivery, we will help take care of all details.

  1. One-top service help you save time and cost

Many customers will worry about shipping, customs clearance, where to buy machines, etc. Here in Ant display, we can help you finish all these. We can help you deliver the cargo and do customs clearance, if you need machines we can also help you buy. If you have other cargos can send us, we will help you store and load our cargo together.


If you need a perfume display cabinet and don’t know go which style, just check our web, you will get many nice ideas!