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The key point of investment and entrepreneurship is to choose the right project. Choosing the right project is equal to getting twice the result with half the effort. Now the optical glasses industry is a good choice. How much does it cost to open a small eyeglass shop? If you are going to open a small eyeglass shop, there are at least 40 to 80 square meters of stores.  In order to figure out the cost of starting an optical store, we should acknowledge the component of each cost. In General, the optical shop cost comes from the following 5 aspects.

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Lease Renting Cost

First of all, you should confirm where to open a store. Are you planning to open sunglasses kiosk in a shopping mall or open a retail store on the street? Generally, optical shops need equipment there not available for shopping mall kiosks unless you have enough space and semi-private room. According to the general small stores for 40 to 80 square meters of stores and the cost of lease rent is based on the location of the store, that is, the local consumption level to determine, the general middle and low-end sales market store rent is generally in 2000 to 5000 USD/months, If you have own land shop to start a shop that will save a lot of initial funds.

Decoration & Optical Displays Cost

In the early stage of shop decoration, the decoration depends on what you want to decorate. In most cases, the decoration is a bottomless hole. Whether how much money you spend on shop interior design or display store fixture, There's always a higher level bread in your next neighbor. Therefore, choose the right style and character is an important thing. Give your brand certain standards and design it accordingly. The shopfitting, store fixtures, and furniture decoration are the same. Confirm What style you want to decorate and what materials you use will ultimately determine how much you need. Therefore, you need to budget well in advance when you decorate.

Inventory Cost

This is needless to say, everyone will think about this problem, purchase, contact lenses, liquid medicine, including lens, etc. these materials about glasses are needed. Of course, when purchasing, you don't need to stock up a lot. I think it's enough for you just to open a shop.

Staff Salary & Material Cost

It's impossible to open a shop on your own. One person can't be busy, and it will also make people feel unprofessional. In the current market competition pressure, more and more people are looking for professional skills. Therefore, professional skills are needed in the arrangement. At this time, the corresponding people need wages, and each post is different The wages are different.

Other Extra Expenses

There must be water and electricity costs for the daily life of a store. Sometimes, the activities need to be done with Yilabao, etc. these seem to be insignificant expenses, and accumulated over time is not a small expense.

Conclusion: combine all the points mentioned above, make a summary, add all together to make a general budget, which is basically the money for opening an eyeglass shop. This is more detailed. When you choose to join in the vision glasses, the vision glasses will also give you a perfect budget.