Product Name: Jewelry Store

Time: Design-time will take 5-7 working days, production time will take 28-32working days.

Types involved: display showcase, corner display, middle island display counter, and logo.

jewelry store

Introduction of the Store

Mengjinyuan is a high-end gold jewelry brand. The product is positioned in the mid-to-high-end young female consumer market. It is characterized by light luxury styles and differentiated services. The main highlight of the brand lies in having its own gold processing base.

Style: This jewelry store is mainly based on gold. This shop is an open choice. There are many display cases. Customers can choose freely, which gives them a lot of space.

Display Showcase

The upper part of the display showcase is a glass display. There are stainless steel bars on the edge of the glass display. We installed light strips inside the glass to better display the jewelry. The lower part of the display showcase is some cabinets, which can be used for storage. There are also some metal strips on the edge of the storage cabinet, which can be used for decoration.

jewelry display counter

Corner Display

The utilization rate of corner cabinets in shops is very high. The bottom of this corner cabinet is a white counter, and then there is a logo on the surface. At the top is a glass display with a light strip.

Window Display

The design of the jewelry store window display. First of all, it is necessary to highlight the characteristics of the products, and at the same time make the window layout and product introduction conform to the general psychological behavior of consumers.

 That is, let consumers have a sense of beauty, comfort, and a good feeling and yearning mood for the product. A good window layout can not only introduce products, guide consumption, and promote sales. It can also become a masterpiece of art that attracts passersby in front of the jewelry store.

jewelry store fixture

Reception Desk

The reception desk is placed in a corner of the shop. The customer can finish adjusting the product and then make a payment.

Light strip

The entire light bar plays a vital role in the jewelry store. The jewelry store needs very bright light to make the whole store better. So there will be some spotlights on the ceiling of the shop to illuminate the shop.

jewelry interior design

How to customize a new one?

We are a direct factory and can provide customized services. You can tell me all your needs, and then our designer will show all your needs in 3d design. Then you will see the whole effect and how it looks like. If it is a shop, you need to give us the floor plan of your shop, so that we will make and design according to this floor plan.

display showcase

What is the order process?

  • Give us your workshop floor plan and requirements, and pay design fees for shop 3D design.( it depends on your shop size)
  • Our designer will complete the drawing within 3-4 working days after payment.
  • Design modification, finalization, and quotation.
  • Agree with the price and pay a 50% deposit before production.
  • The sales staff update the production photos
  • Pay rest payment before loaded
  • Arrange Shipping

jewelry store interior design