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Bronze Stainless Steel Jewelry Counter Jewelry Converstaion Table and Display Showcase

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Stainless Steel Jewelry Counter and display showcases are recently popular commercial display fixtures. This type of glass display counter is widely used in many different business environments. For example, you may need a display counter in a fashion store to display precious or garment shops to present some gifts. In the past time, Most of the display counter is fabricate with plywood or solid wood and it can only in a simple color or style. Stainless steel give more possibility to achieve different style display counters both in a jewelry shop and antique store.

Jewelry Counter For Sale

Ant Display is a leading jewelry counter manufacturer in China. We can custom design and build jewelry store furniture and display fixtures according to your store dimension and shop color schedule. If you need any retail store display fixtures or shopfitting counter. Ant Has all the displays that you need. From simple free-standing jewelry showcase to wall display cabinet or retail counter. As long as it used in a retail store, our large collection of displays fixtures will give you a huge choice. 

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Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Dimension 1200*550*1000mm
Materials Stainless Steel, Plywood, Wood Veneer
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