Are you looking for a jewelry store design? If you have a store, we can design the furniture in the store according to your floor plan, so that our overall style and furniture size can accurately match our store. The main color of the store I am going to introduce today is gold, so our display cabinets can also be gold so that the tone of our entire store can be consistent.

The design of a jewelry store is very important. We can also see many jewelry stores when we are shopping, and we can easily be attracted to them at the door. This mainly depends on its interior decoration and furniture design. In fact, looking at the shop is mainly to look at the decoration on the wall and all the real furniture. As far as the jewelry store is concerned, the display furniture is glass cabinets, and they look very high-end and clean. A good display of furniture can make our jewelry look more valuable. If we randomly choose some display cabinets that do not fit the style of our shop or some cheap display cabinets, then our jewelry will also look cheap. Therefore, before buying jewelry, we can make a design first, and then start production after confirming our furniture.

jewelry showcase

Jewelry shop style

The main style of this jewelry store today is golden, and this color is very common in jewelry stores. The material used in the display cabinet is gold-plated stainless steel, which looks very good and very advanced. The main effects can also be seen in our design drawings. We can also design some lightbox paintings on our walls to display our products, such as necklace posters or other nice pictures. In addition to lightbox paintings, we can also put our brand name or logo on the wall as a big logo. The material of the luminous sign is also golden stainless steel, which looks particularly high-end.

Jewelry display furniture

When designing store furniture, we have to consider the shape of the store. Our shop is rectangular and the size is relatively small. So we can design a U-shaped display cabinet. According to the requirements of our customers, our display cabinets are all the same type, so it looks more unified and coordinated. The top of the cabinet is a glass display, and the bottom is a storage cabinet. Their capacity is very large. This kind of display cabinet is very commonly used in jewelry stores or shopping malls, and its price is very good.

How to start a jewelry shop design?

We are a customized company. In addition to producing display furniture, we also have our own design team. They are responsible for designing our furniture. If you want to design your jewelry store, you can tell us the floor plan of your store and your ideas, and we will design the overall style of your store and the interior furniture according to all your ideas. Then we can produce according to the confirmed furniture. In this way, we can see the effect of our shop in advance, and we can also buy the furniture we like. Our design fee depends on the size of the shop. When we finally place the order, the design fee will be refunded to you. This is equivalent to free for our designers. If you just want to buy a jewelry display cabinet, you can select and place an order on our website. Anything that needs customization, you can tell us.