coffee shop

For a coffee dessert shop, the inside furniture is very simple. We just need the bar counter, tables, and chairs/sofa. The rest is how to arrange their position, and the furniture color and type. People are more willing to go to some beautiful and clean shop, so the decoration of our shop is also important. Before decoration the store, we need to think about what style we like, different styles have different colors. This store sells coffee, ice cream, and some dessert. So it should be too dark. The overall tone should be brighter. We don’t suggest use black or dark brown. For some leisure stores, wood color and some yellow color are common. And their effect also good. Let’s look at this coffee/dessert stores design, we can also see its color, decoration, and furniture type.

dessert shop counter

Store Tone

The so-called leisure store generally does not sell dinner, but more coffee, desserts or ice cream, etc. It is a place for people to relax. So when we design, we need to take the color into consideration. Different shades give people a completely different feeling. Cool gray usually gives a rough and blunt impression. Since this store is a leisure store, we can choose yellow and blue to match. If we choose only one color, it will make the whole store look small, and only looking at the same color will make customers feel visual fatigue, so we can use 2-3 bright colors to match.

The main color of this shop is the bright wood color, yellow and blue color. Sticker as the wall decoration, we can also use white color or some lighter color. The floor color also needs to match the whole shop. From the design, we can see the overall effect of these colors.

3D shop design

Floor Plan

When we arrange the furniture, we have to check the store floor plan first. The shape and size of the store can be seen from the floor plan. The store is rectangular, but the internal shape is irregular. It has a room inside and some protruding pillars. When designing furniture, we must consider the spatial dimensions of each part, so that we can better arrange the dimensions of the furniture.

The store is divided into individual parts. The house in the middle can be used as a warehouse, and some sofa chairs can be arranged in the remaining space. The innermost area is the seating area. The area at the entrance is a bar counter, a workbench, and a small number of tables and chairs. This is all the furniture in this shop.

display counter


All we need to arrange is the location of the furniture. The bar is the place to receive customers and check out, so it needs to be placed at the entrance. If we just do simple meals. We don’t need a kitchen, just a workbench with a sink. It is usually set behind the bar. Since the width of this store is not very large, only single tables and chairs against the wall can be set on the opposite side of the bar.

Because there is a warehouse in the middle, only simple ordinary tables and chairs can be placed on this side of the warehouse. Some comfortable sofa chairs can be placed on the opposite side and inside the space. They are placed in the regular left and right rows.

Wall Decoration

The most practical feature on the wall of this store is the box display, which can put some books and plants as decoration. This is also very common and practical in leisure shops. In addition to putting decorations, we can put some materials or tools.

Lightboxes and photo albums are also one of the decorations of these points. The photo album can be some landscape photos, and the lightbox is usually coffee or dessert posters.

restaurtant design


These are the design drawings of this store, as well as some design ideas and furniture layouts. We can see that with the design, the following things can be carried out according to the content in the design drawing. So it is very convenient. If you like this furniture, we can buy or customize it according to the furniture in the design drawing. We are a custom company, we can provide everything in the design drawings. Including bar counters, tables, and chairs, lightboxes, chandeliers, etc. You also decorate the shop according to the colors inside.