Hello everyone. Welcome to our website. Do you have your own shop? As we all know, for a shop, the most important thing is the inside furniture. We need to use these display furniture to display our products, we opened a mobile phone shop, we can display our mobile phones or mobile phone accessories. For mobile phone accessories stores, we are most familiar with display cabinets against the wall. They are small in width and occupy a small area. It is very suitable for displaying mobile phone accessories and mobile phone cases.

In the above design drawing, we can see that it has two types of display furniture and a front desk. On the left and right sides is the slot board display cabinet, you can hang some data cables or mobile phone cases. The capacity is very large, there are drawers under the cabinet, which can store things. In the middle is an S shape display counter, which we can use to display our headphones or other electronic products. The front desk can be used to check out or help customers repair their mobile phones. Let’s look at the furniture details:

Cellphone display furniture

Size: It depends on your shop size. The wall display furniture each one is about 1.2x0.5x2m.

Basic material: MDF

Surface finish: Baking paint, the slot plate

Logo: Acrylic logo

We are a custom company if you want to buy some furniture for your cellphone shop. I think we can make a design first. You can send me your shop floor plan, we will according to your shop size to design the inside furniture. When finish the design, you can confirm all the details. You can see the furniture color, shape, and effect when they put in your shop. It will easy for us to confirm all the details. We also can know the exact price. Because our furniture price is based on their size, material, and style. Our design fee is about 500-1000$ for a shop. Design fees depend on the size of the shop. When confirming the design fee, the design time is about 3-5 working days. After confirming all the details, we can start production. The production time is about one month.