Best Methods To Open Clothing Sore In 2022

For a clothing brand, a good clothing store design can often give consumers a better experience. Then, the decoration and various display layouts of clothing stores are particularly important, not only to meet the visual experience of consumers, but also to design with the style of clothing brands, and how to maximize the use of limited space. Wait, this is not a small test for the brand.

Today we will help you understand how to open a clothing store and what you should pay attention to when designing through several excellent clothing store design cases.

clothing shop layout

1. Japan's Saitama Casual Clothing Brand N+ Flagship Store

The N+ clothing brand aims at "adult women" and focuses on casual styles. It looks a bit similar to Uniqlo, another Japanese clothing fast-fashion brand, but the target customer groups of the two are different, so the design and decoration of the entire store are also different. With the establishment of the new brand, the brand has also set up its own flagship store. The customer group is adult women, and the characteristics of the customer group are obvious. Therefore, the store chose sky blue as the main color of the brand and added color to the entire store facade. Using expressive, simple, and obvious appearance enhances brand awareness.

clothing shop

The interior of the store uses a lot of light gray so that customers can focus on the clothes when choosing clothes. At the same time, different decorative materials and display furniture are used. A large number of wall cabinets and clothes rails are placed on both sides of the store, and some counters and mannequins are placed in the middle, leaving plenty of aisle space for customers to hang out and choose.

clothing shop

Create a focal point in the store space. The ceiling lighting with the theme of "+" lights up the entire store, and at the same time can create a comfortable shopping atmosphere to guide customers to enjoy a pleasant shopping experience. N+ clothing shop mainly embodies the new relationship between products and space, and between products and customers. It cleverly uses the brand in the store and enhances the customer's impression of the brand.

cloting display rack

2. Sunspel Store In Australia

The store of this brand is more like our own personal studio. The store decoration and various indoor display furniture are very simple, and the main style is simple and natural. Walking into the store, you can see the layout of the store at a glance. This kind of store often pays more attention to the owner's personal preferences, and often decorates or sells clothing according to the owner's personal style, which is very personal.

clothong rack

The interior of the store utilizes the space on the walls on both sides the most. A lot of wooden shelves against the walls are made on both sides, and no wooden partitions are used, which increases people's visual space. The floor and other decorative furniture in the store maintain the same log style, and the color of the lighting is also a warm light color. When customers walk into the store, they will not feel that they are shopping, but relieve their stress and enjoy their leisure time.

clothing display rack

3. The flagship store of Canadian fashion brand Colede Pensee

To talk about the difference between this clothing store and the previous one, it can be said that one is a clothing store that sells ordinary brands, while the other is an haute couture store that sells more advanced brands.

clothing shop layout

Although the display and layout in the store look simpler and messy, it has its own display characteristics. No wooden display stands are used in the entire store, and there is no obvious regional classification for the display of clothes. For example, I use some metal display stands at home to store and hang clothes. In addition to clothes, some accessories related to shoes and clothing will be displayed accordingly. The shopping atmosphere in the store is not about being fast, but about being refined and comfortable, so that you can find the right clothing for you.

metal display rack

4. Japanese minimalist industrial style clothing store

The design of this clothing store in Japan is different from the previous ones, which perfectly fits the goal it pursues, a minimalist industrial style. The simple decoration in the store, the clothes are hung up through the design similar to the industrial pipes, the walls and the floor do not have any excessive color decoration, which maintains its own feeling. Even the mirrors necessary for clothing stores are simply placed against the wall.


The operation of this kind of clothing store is entirely to attract customers with the same pursuit concept to buy. Customers recognize the style of the store and the layout of the store design, which will arouse their interest in the products you display. In addition to this minimalist style, there are many maverick clothing stores. When your store layout and display furniture are very unique, your customers will be people who have the same taste as you and the same philosophy.

Through the above design analysis, when you open a clothing store, you need to pay attention to the following points:

  • Facade

The facade is the customer's first impression of your store, and the front of the door is the logo of your brand, which is an important symbol of the brand and the first impression of the customer on your brand. It is very important to stick to your ideas when designing, highlighting the brand through different color contrasts and interspersed with representative elements.


  • Indoor layout display

A complete clothing store layout should include the front desk, display racks, rest and waiting areas, fitting rooms, etc. In the design, it should be planned reasonably according to the size of the space and make full use of every corner of the space. If space is limited, several parts are often combined, but the most important thing is the choice of clothing display racks.

  • Lighting

Through the brief analysis of the above cases, we can clearly see the importance of lighting to the products in the store. It can be laid out in the way of overall lighting + accent lighting. The overall lighting adopts soft light to create an overall comfortable environment. The key point is to use spotlight lighting to highlight the product theme.

  • Color matching

Combine and match colors according to the positioning of the store. For example, women's clothing stores use light colors, white and adjacent colors are used, and men's clothing stores generally use dark colors. The combination of light gray, dark gray and black can create a casual business atmosphere. Feel. The best color matching is as few as possible. If it is too complicated, it may cause the customer's shopping focus to not be on the product, which will affect the visual appearance.