clothing display rack

Custom Clothing Display Rack & Dress Display Hanger in Clothing Store

Clothing Display Rack

Clothing Store Display Rack Shelf Floor-standing Clothes Rack Stainless Steel Hanger

Unique Clothing Display Rack & Modern Clothing Store Fixture Metal Shelve for Sale

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The clothing display rack plays an important role in a clothing shop. We can use it to showcase T-shirts, skirts, suits, display shelves, scarves, hats, etc. It is built in different colors and sizes to fit different clothing shops.

clothing display rack

Metal clothing display rack styles

Double display rack

Dual display racks can usually hang clothes at the top and bottom at the same time. This can increase the display area and help customers make choices. There is a plane at the middle junction. It is also the top part of the garment display shown below. We can place clothes or attractive decorations. The most common size is 120cm*40cm*230cm, it can customize.

Garment hanger with shelf

This Garment hanger is good to place in a long skirt or suit. Because the garment hanger area is very high. There is also an open shelf at the top, we can showcase bags here. This is also a good place to put clothes of the same style and different sizes. Size: 150cm*40cn*190cm

Single clothing rack

A single clothing display rack is usually used to display new products. It can highlight the characteristics of clothes and gather eyesight. We can also put him together with other clothing racks. Size: 60cm*40cm*230cm

Materials introduction

The main material is a metal frame in black color. The base is wood with a black laminate surface that well matches the clothing display rack. We can also use MDF with a baking paint surface here for a different eye's attention.

Color reference

You are welcome to customize color. Except for dark black color, silver color, golden color, and pink color are very popular colors.

Hot to use it?

The display rack is complete in our factory and then package well for shipment. When you receive it, just unpack it and place it in the right place to use. It’s very easy.

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Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Materials Metal
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