7 Practical Ways to Make Barber Shop Decoration

The barber shop is a place we often go to in our daily life, and basically no one can guarantee that they have never been to a barber shop. Then when you choose a barber shop, you definitely don't just find a shop and go in, and you still need to choose. People not only just considerate the skills of the barbers, but also think about the hair salon environments. More and more young people grasp the hairdressing skills, and plan to open the barber shop. But in addition to the professional skills, the barbers still need to learn about the salon decoration suggestions to start the project smoothly and avoid some bad points. How to make a good salon to attract the customers? We have summarized a few barber shop decoration tips, we hope these tips can make your barber shop stand out. Follow us to learn about these knowledge.

1. Salon style

Some old salons love classic designs. The newly opened hair salon likes the trendy atmosphere. Emotional style is determined by you on the basis of determining consumer groups and according to customer needs. Too luxurious shops will make customers stop. Excessive simplification shops will make customers feel that the grade is too low. Secondly, The characteristics and the image that the store needs to display are the key points you should consider, which requires "just right" to deal with some contradictions in the style. On the one hand, the decoration pattern of the hair salon needs to cater to consumers, and on the other hand, you must also need to consider the cost. The decoration of hair salons is generally simple, generous and applicable, giving consumers a pleasing, relaxed and happy feeling.

2. Salon sign

The signboard of the barber shop is the facade of the entire shop, which can directly highlight the business culture of the shop. The color matching of the signboard must be eye-catching enough, and some rotating colored lights especially the 3 colors rotating sign can also be placed at the entrance of the barber shop to make people want to walk in. An personalized can attract many potential new customers.

3. Hairdressing area

This area is the most direct place to serve customers, and is the top priority of the entire barber shop decoration process. The decoration of the barber area should be carried out on a loose, clean and comfortable basis. The mirror should be bright, and the color and appearance of the chair and the shower should be unified. In addition, the design of the barber area should also take into account the convenience and smoothness of customers' movements. When the layout is arranged, the next step is to consider the salon fixtures for this hairdressing area.

Too many styles of the styling station for the hairdressing area can be chosen and customized by you. Today, here is one retro and modern salon styling station. The stand is deep brown and its top design is delicate shape. It has display shelves and counter. The mirror is on the shelf middle and its two sides layers can display many products for you to use conveniently such as tint, hair mask, hair essence etc.. One sink is made in the countertop middle. It’s convenient for the staff to work here directly for the consumers. You can use the cold water or hot water, which can be adjusted. The counter also has the drawers and cabinets. You can put some hair cutting tools, hairdressing stuff, hair dryer on the countertop or cabinets. What’s more, the fine handles with shapes makes the cabinet more high level. The barber station is functional. The hair salon can be placed several sets this kind styling stations along the shop wall. The wooden veneer can be customized to your favorite type.

At present, for most hair salon, the shop owners design the shampoo area. It is necessary to choose suitable shampoo bed to offer washing hair services. The shampoo bed not only functional but also comfortable. The consumers can have a good rest. The shampoo basin has a fixture to fit the head which is convenient for barber to make massages. The basin space is big and water temperature can be changed. Its bottom is the tail design which makes it more private. The surface material is soft and friendly leathers. Besides, the shampoo bed middle is the storage area to hold a stool or consumers’ things.

4. Cashier counter

The cashier counter is the customer service center of the hair salon. The activities of consumers after entering the hair salon all start from the counter. The financial management of the hair salon is also done through the counter. To make the cashier counter practical is enough to achieve various functions, but also be beautiful. The desk style should be based on the whole salon style. If the it is different which is not harmonious. People will feel a strange atmosphere and environment. All should be fit and let consumers feel comfortable.

About this one cashier counter, it is suitable for fashion and high-end salon. Its structure and shape is geometric type which looks special. People can see there are many geometric shapes on such desk. Their edges are lighted with LED light strip. It can enhance the desk charming. Besides, your logo can be made into golden metal type or other types on the desk. It can enhance your salon image. The cashier desk size, color all can be customized. It has wide working countertop and many storage drawers and cabinets too.

5. Display area

The showcase should be placed on the right side of the door, with light color as the main body, and high-end as well. The human vision is 45 degrees, and the products on the shelves are the ones that you are most likely to sell. The products need to be frequently changed. Avoid direct sunlight to prevent product failure and deterioration. Put high-end, brand-name products will improve the level of the store. Carrying out takeaway sales will increase your turnover by 21% (total turnover), and you should pay attention to the development of this area. The fixture also requires the suitable style.

You can use the display shelf to display some products which is about hair health care or show some decorations to enhance the salon atmosphere. You can choose one big or small display shelves according to your salon area. For the display shelf, the style is very high grade too. Its white wooden layers with golden metal frame combination which can enhance the values of products in their minds. The bottom is the cabinet for storage.

6. Reception area

When decorating the barber shop, the reception area should be located as close to the door as possible. The design of this area should be flexibly arranged according to the size of the store and the characteristics of the space. A suitable small sofa can be placed according to the overall decoration style of the store, and if the space is large enough, a coffee table can be placed to make it more formal.

7. Lighting and Music

The lighting of the barber shop not only has the lighting function, but also the decorative effect is very important. Usually, the soft, elegant chandelier of the light show can create a warm effect. If you also want to add to the mood and ambience of the entire store, play some elegant music with a mid-shell tone.


The above are some useful suggestions on hair salon decoration. Hope you can get some points and have your own ideas on the each part design. Please browse website to learn more ideas: www.antdisplay.com