6 Most Best Tips For Perfume Store

As a modern fashion, perfume is sold to both men and women, and has a wide range of customers. Some people will choose to buy online, but this also has drawbacks, that is, you can only know its fragrance when you buy it back. When you don't receive the goods, you can only find out through other people's comments. So the perfume shop is very necessary at this time.

And perfume is a fashion endorsement product, and the decoration design of perfume shop-fashion endorsement shop naturally has to match its name before it can be called the word fashion. So, how do decorate the perfume store? A perfume retail store is similar to beauty or cosmetic store, but with an emphasis on selling perfume.

perfume shop

A successful design for a perfume shop will reflect your personality and signature scent.

  • If your fragrances are sweet and floral, create a playful and fun store.
  • If you sell a strong, spicy scent, give it an edge by designing a store with the modern display furniture.

Perfume Shop Theme

First, determine the theme of the perfume shop decoration. The theme of store decoration is an important part of the atmosphere of the store. The selected decoration theme should complement the products of your store and attract the attention of targeted customers. If your store is located next to the sidewalk, you can install a personalized awning to block the hot sun from entering the store, and also shade and shelter passersby from the rain, so that more customers can stop by your store and go to the store to choose products.

perfume shopPerfume Shop Display Furniture

Then, the style of the perfume display cabinet is determined according to the style characteristics of the displayed perfume. Our main design is still mostly modern and simple. In the design process, we should always maintain the principle of displaying perfume products. The display cabinet and the perfume production set off each other, which can give people a novel and intuitive feeling.

perfume shopThere are a lot of wall cabinets and retail counters used in perfume shops to display your products, we have designed the laminates in a luminous style, like this display wall cabinet shown below. In this way, when you put your product on the countertop, the light will be very beautiful, and the light refraction at the bottom of the perfume glass bottle can highlight your product. Or embed your back cabinet into the background wall to make an integrated display cabinet to better integrate into the entire design. If you don't like retail counters, we can also try the ladder display shape, anyway, we will provide you with customized display furniture and layout design services according to your needs and the overall store.

Color Matching

Second, the right color theme for your perfume store design is very important, and the colors used should convey the overall tone of your store.

perfume shopTips: Light shades are soft and inviting, bright shades are whimsical and playful, and dark shades are edgier.
You can have some gold accents paired with matte black, gloss black, or white with metallic trim. These are very classic color combinations that are more suitable for the style of the perfume store. Or go bolder and use different brighter colors or textured surfaces to decorate the store. Perfume shops can also create a romantic and warm atmosphere. Try to use warm colors. It is recommended that the perfume shop use a light blue decoration style. A mirror is installed behind the perfume bottle, which can not only visually expand the size of the store but also increase the size store lighting.

perfume shopIn addition to the above-detailed suggestions for designing and laying out a perfume store for you, the following are some points that you can refer to when designing:

Design Points
1. The showcase design of the perfume chain store is mainly based on a single-color color scheme, and other color combinations are used together. The main color follows 3 colors. If you want the design of the store to be different, you can also try more in the design. choose.
2. Therefore, the guideline for showcase design is to use a single color and develop a polygonal structure. The new main color is brushed gold. The store design is visually divided into two areas: white, higher, located deep; and black, lower, extending along the passage. Each region matches the product range and sales type.

perfume shopDesign Concept
1. The whole store is designed with perfume as its theme, running through a bright golden polygonal structure. The structural block is double-sided, with gold on the outside and white on the inside.
2. A beauty salon (manicure, massage, waiting room) and a logistics office are hidden inside the multi-shaped shell-like structure. In the store, it is a freestanding three-dimensional structure, connected only to the floor and part of the wall. Thanks to the parametric perforation design, the outer layer becomes translucent, allowing a portion of the interior of the structure to be seen.

Structural Design
1. The sales space is divided into several flexibly arranged areas. Key locations - cashier counters, product display areas, and various fragrance-themed areas are highlighted by fluted lattice ceiling panels with golden paint on the inner walls. You can refer to the design of perfume storefronts of different brands to absorb more and better ideas.
2. Although the size of the perfume shop you plan to open is not very large, it can still be a good place for people to relax after getting off work and get rid of the boring and tasteless daily life. Therefore, it is appropriate to add some sofas, tables, and chairs in the store, which can prolong the time customers stay in the store.

perfume shopEnding
If you are looking for a custom solution for your fragrance store, we are happy to provide you with custom 3D renderings, technical drawings, store planning, fragrance store furniture production, international shipping and store installation guides.