4 Hot Sale Shoes Store Style

In addition to clothing, shoes are another type of necessity in people's lives. Different types of shoes will also have a great impact on the layout, display and decoration of the store. The storefront design of a shoe store must have its own creativity and characteristics, but also include the business philosophy of the store. We can design the corresponding decoration style according to the positioning of the shoe store. For example, the decoration of the brand shoe store should be atmospheric, and the fashion shoes should be avant-garde and fashionable, and the casual shoes should be casual and romantic enough. Before starting your own shoe store, you can refer to the design of different brand stores as much as possible, absorb the essence of them and make plans for your own shoe store, and today we will introduce you to the design of some different types of shoe stores, hope help your business.

A Sneaker Store

When decorating a sneaker store, you can choose a style with a sense of movement and strength. The simple black and white style is stable and charming, and it also highlights your own brand. Straight to the point, plus soft lighting, it is gorgeous. Some bright colors can be added to add a sense of style and activity to the space. In a sneaker store, be sure to avoid a lifeless decoration style that will turn customers away.

sneaker shopGenerally, we will consider the use of multi-layer laminate display against the wall type, because the styles of sports shoes in a brand are very similar, and we need to focus on displaying as many products as possible to customers to meet the needs of different customers so that it is convenient for them to refer to. A sneaker store doesn't need a lot of other decorations, and the simplicity and sports style can make customers feel your decorative atmosphere.

shoe display rackFashion Women's Shoe Store

The decoration style of women's shoe stores must reflect fashion and beauty as much as possible, and create soft and romantic femininity. Most of them choose a fashionable urban style, with simple and smooth lines and few decorative elements, but they need to highlight the style of the shoes. There are many styles of women's shoes, and lighting plays a very important role. The blue light gives people a very cold, cold and psychedelic feeling (sold sandals and slippers), and the yellow light gives people a very warm feeling (sells autumn and winter shoes). Basically, warm colors are recognized as one of the decoration colors favored by consumers, giving people a warm and peaceful feeling and creating a comfortable shopping environment.

shoe shop
In actual sales, shoes and bags can also be sold together, and structures similar to display tables and independent stands are required. The structure of these small display furniture is basically determined according to the overall color of the store. For example, this store mainly uses a combination of gold and white, which makes customers feel that the store is very bright.

shoe display rackBusiness Men's Shoe Store

In terms of the decoration style of men's shoes and shoe stores, it is necessary to match the masculinity and masculinity of men. Most of them will choose a simple and modern style for decoration, which is simple and practical. Men's shoes are mostly dark colors, which look more mature and stable. In terms of color matching, they should be simplified and avoid using too many and complicated color combinations. Gray, brown and brown can be used.
The display stands used are also consistent with the main color of the store. Some wooden frames and brown display tables are often used in men's business shoe stores.

shoe shopChildren's Shoe Store

Children's hearts are innocent and full of curiosity. Their cognition and acceptance of the world start from visual contact and pays attention to various decorations in the store. Generally, you can choose a cute style and use lively colors. Adding children's favorite cartoon characters as background decoration, or placing dolls, can well attract children into the store and satisfy their lively and curious minds.

shoes storeYou can also design the furniture that displays children's shoes in a cute shape so that children are immediately attracted to your store.

shoe shop5 Keys to Design
1. The Color of the Store Should Be Unified
The overall color of the shoe store decoration should be harmoniously integrated so that people can see the main color of your store at a glance, but the unity I am talking about here is not to make all layouts and decoration colors exactly the same, which will make the store look very monotonous and rigid. , the parts should be contrasted and obey the whole to achieve harmony and unity.
2. Lights and Mirrors
Lights and mirrors are available in every store. But the design is different, the effect is different. In terms of decoration and placement, such as spotlights, it is best to aim at shoes with diamonds and trendy shoes, so that customers can see them at a glance. As for mirrors, it usually refers to shoe mirrors. For the purpose of saving medical space, or thinking that it is unnecessary to pay attention to the effect of mirrors, many sellers simply make a triangular oblique mirror when designing shoe mirrors, which can barely illuminate the effect of the upper feet of the shoes.

shoe shop3. Shelves are Placed to Leave Space for Walking
Divided into the main channel and auxiliary channel, the width of the main channel should not be less than 120 cm, and the width of the secondary channel should not be less than 80 cm. The image background board is aligned with the main entrance or the main aisle of the store.
4. The Style Positioning Must Be Clear
Product positioning is the main reason that directly affects your store design. Through the introduction of the above several store designs, I believe you have an understanding of this. The shoe brand is casual or work, men's or women's. This is critical to the layout of your store. You need to consider these questions before opening your store.

shoe shop5. Arrange Rest Areas in The Store
Arrange rest areas in the store for customers to try shoes and relax. This is a very critical point in designing a store. The main crowd shopping is women, and men will also accompany them. Therefore, the design of the rest area can enhance the customer's experience.