women shop

Women's Shops are very beautiful and fashionable, they usually sell clothing, bags, and high-heeled. And these types of products are also very beautiful and high-end. So the style of the shop also needs to match our product style. Women shop’s environments are always bright and clean. It shouldn’t too crowded. So once we get a shop rent and floor plan, we need to make a shop design first. We can confirm the shop layout and display through 3D design.clothing shop window display

This women's shop mainly sells clothes, bags, and shoes. So if we have a display window, we have to put our hot sale product here. The best way to reflect the effect of a piece of clothing is to use dummy models, so some models can be placed in the window in front of the store to display our clothes and shoes.

wooden shoes stand

Inside the furniture are a golden rack and a wooden stand. Wall racks are used to show the clothing, wooden stands can put high-heeled shoes and handbags.

wooden arc shape reception table

The reception desk of the shop is the important part. The color of the display furniture in the store is best to be uniform, so we can use solid wood strips or golden stainless steel for the reception desk.

shoe display rack

If we still have some space and you want to make a shoe area. We can leave a wall to put this kind of rack. It is very popular in the shoe shops. Each pair of shoes is individually displayed on a laminate.

women clothes shop

If we want to add some decoration, we can use the wall behind the reception desk. We can make it an image wall and install our logo. Or put some plants, and flowers in the display area.

clothing shop design

Lighting also plays a very important role in the store, if you want to make the store look more advanced, we can choose special ceiling lights, they have different shapes and colors, and looks very attractive.

ant display clothes store

A fashion women's shop will bring us more customers, people are all like a clean and high-end shops. They will measure our product quality according to the shop environment. So the shop fitment is very important. The best way to build our shop is to make the 3D design first. We can see the whole shop effect through the design. Such as furniture, and lighting effect.

Ant Display is a professional shop furniture manufacturer. We can provide you with the shop design, furniture, and decoration. So you can get everything here. If you have a new shop, you can contact us. We can help you to finish it.