optical shop design

For optical shops with a small area, the layout of the furniture is very simple and fixed. We all know that glasses shops mainly sell glasses, and different customers have different needs for glasses, so there are many types of glasses. We need some retail display cabinets to display our products. Of course, the shapes, types, and sizes of display cabinets are also endless. At this time, we need to make a 3D store design to show what we want.

glasses showcaseThe layout of this store is the layout of a typical rectangular store. We can see that the area of this store is not large. So the best furniture arrangement is to arrange tall display cabinets on the left and right sides, with one or two rows of showcases in the middle, which is like the sunglasses kiosks. The reception desk can be placed on the remaining side, which faces the entrance, so it is much more convenient to greet customers.

glasses showcaseMany people will decorate the wall on the back of the reception desk, we can install a 3D luminous or pattern for it. Its color must match the entire store.

optical shop

For the wall cabinet, we often use shelf or lattice display cabinets, which have a relatively large capacity. The upper part is the display area, and the lower part can be used as the storage area. Sometimes, we also install lightboxes or logos on the display cabinets for decoration, etc. Plus the lights on the shelf, the whole cabinet will look very attractive.

display showcaseThe kiosk in the middle is generally a combination of a cabinet and a glass cover. If there is no decoration on the outside of the cabinet, we can post some posters to make it look more professional.

Optical Store 3D Design

We have professional designers and factories. We support the customization and production of furniture throughout the store. If you have an optical shop, you can send us your floor plan and your requirements. Our designers will design suitable furniture according to the size of the store and your requirements.

After the design is completed, if you have suggestions, we can modify the design.