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A beauty salon is one of the most popular businesses in the service industry. Its business range is wider, we can do manicure, pedicure, eyebrow, makeup, and hairdressing, etc. Some stores only do one kind of item, but there are some stores that combine these items. However, if we want to combine many items, we also need to consider many issues. Such as the size of the store, location, passenger flow, etc.

Store Scale

The first is the size of the store. If our store is small, we cannot accommodate a variety of furniture. Because different items require different display furniture or counters. The second is the location of the store. We all know that these items are very popular. There are people caring every day. If we are in a prosperous area, it may cause a shortage of manpower, crowded storefronts, and long wait times for customers. So we have to make sure that the store is not crowded when there are customers, and there is enough staff to serve customers.

cosmetic display furniture

Salon Store Design

Furniture Type

What i want to introduce the store is a middle area, it is doing hairdressing, manicure, eyebrow threading, spa and sell cosmetic. This is our customer’s business. We have to make the design according to the store floor plan and arrange all furniture position. Before confirm the furniture position, we need to know what furniture we have. The Barber station and beauty counter is similar, but beauty counter need more light. So we can install the light in the mirror. If there is a haircut business, then shampoo is also an indispensable content. Nowadays, many shampoos have head massage services, and many people mainly go to enjoy massage services. For 4 manicure seats. We only a table with 4 chairs. The spa can set aside several rooms separately. Cosmetics generally only need some high cabinets. Final is the reception desk.

salon shop

Furniture Layout


After confirming the types of all the furniture, we can arrange their locations. We can arrange the wall cabinet first. We have one wall for the cosmetic cabinet and waiting seat. Cosmetic cabinets are all high cabinets, they won’t take a lot of pf space. We can put some chairs there and a counter so customers can test and choose the cosmetics they like. The waiting area is in the corner. It is very comfortable sofa. Next the waiting seat is 3 SPA rooms, we can do some full body massage or others.

And then it is the reception desk. We design a wall behind the reception desk, it is an image wall. We can put our logo here. Then it is the manicure table. Manicure requires more nail polish. The nail polish is also in a tall cabinet, which can be placed behind the manicure table and on the side against the wall. The shampoo chair can be placed in the recess of the store.

Store Middle

The best way to increase seats is to make the cabinet into a double-sided cabinet with mirrors and counters on both sides. Each cabinet has two seats. They can be placed in the middle of the store, and they mainly do haircuts and beauty or makeup. Different types of services have different cabinets.

Of course, the location of the furniture is not fixed. Our design will also respect the customer's decision. We can discuss and modify together.

salon shop design

Store Style

The style of the store is mainly its overall color and decoration. The pillars of this store are golden, and the main color is also golden, so we can use white to match it. White matches any color. In addition to our furniture, the image wall behind the reception desk also needs to use gold. Gold is a very high-end color, and many jewelry stores and cosmetics stores will use display cabinets of this color material.


Design plays a vital role in a store. It can avoid many mistakes. Such as the style and size of the furniture and the effect of the entire store. Through design, we can know how much furniture can fit in the store and make sure that we can make good use of all the space. Before buying furniture, we can also see the styles of the stores. In the furniture production process, we can first decorate our store according to the design drawings, which can save a lot of time.