watch shop

Wearing a watch can virtually increase our personal charm. We all know that the price of watches and jewelry is almost the same, one is mainly used by men and the other is used by women. In some high-end venues, we can see that many people wear watches. It comes in many styles and colors and is also divided into women's watches and men's watches. High-end watches are very beautiful in both appearance and texture. So it attracted the attention of many people. Some people with enough budget will also choose to buy some famous brand watches to show their social status. In addition to being a personal decoration, another important role of a look is to watch the time. Now many watch shops are developing very fast. Offline watch stores give people more sense of security, so many people will go to the store to buy. An attractive watch shop has a lot to do with interior decoration. What I want to introduce today is the interior design of the watch shop.

watches shop

The store is square and has an area of 64 square meters. We can see its layout from the top view. It is mainly composed of wall cabinets and intermediate glass display cabinets. In the middle of the store, we should leave a little more space so that the store doesn't look too crowded. If the size of the store is not large, then we should reduce the display cabinets, otherwise, the customer experience is not good.

watch store

For men's watches, the black style will be mostly. It is mainly reflected in the display cabinet. If the color of the store is determined, then we should start with the floor, ceiling, and wall, and they must match the color of the display cabinet. The floor here is grey wood grain and the ceiling is black. So our showcases can also use the same colors.

watch store design

The main colors of the display cabinet in this store are ash wood grain, black and white. White is mainly a display area, and it needs to be used in conjunction with lighting so that the watch can show a better effect. The storage cabinets on top and bottom of the display case can be used in black and the sides in ash wood. The wood color gives a more high-end feel. 

watches showcase

In addition to the front of the wall cabinet, the table display in the middle is used when talking with customers, we can also use customized watches. The middle table uses a glass box display, we can put our products inside. In addition to installing our logo, the cabinet on the back wall can put some light boxes, making the store more colorful and attractive.

image wall

The wall decoration of the store is also very important. We can make an image wall to install our logo, or directly make a showcase embedded in the wall. In addition, we can also install logos or slogans directly on the wall.

wooden showcase

Display Furniture

After confirming the final design, we can know how much furniture we have and their style and location. So we can start to produce them. We are a factory, we can provide the furniture according to the design drawings. So you can get the furniture here in the design. We can install the logo, led light, and glass door, as well as the lock. They are completed.

Furniture Install

Our furniture size is made according to your shop area, the length is about 120 to 150cm. Height is 220-240cm. We ship one piece, so when you receive the goods, you don’t need to install them. You just need to put them together and connect the wires, then they can work. But the furniture is a little heavy, so you need to ask someone to help you. If you don’t know how to connect the wire, you'll need to hire a professional electrician to install the shop wiring, which will be much safer.

How to start the shop project?

If you want to custom some furniture for your shop, you need to send us your shop floor plan and your requirements. We will design the inside furniture and layout according to your shop area and the style you like. After confirming the final design, we can get all the details and prices. And then we can start the production. We are a design, production, and shipping company, so when the goods are finished, we can help you ship the goods to the address you specify and handle all export documents. If you have any questions, you can contact us to discuss more details.