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In addition to professional technology and good service, the design of the store is also one of the reasons to attract customers. People like to go to beautiful stores, good decoration and professional equipment will make them feel comfortable and at ease, and a good environment will affect people’s mood. So a good store design and furniture are very important for our business. Many people will choose to make the store design first instead to buy the existing products directly. Because exist products can’t meet all our requirements, and we can’t see the whole shop effect until we bought them. This has a big risk, so more people will willing to make a design and then buy the custom product. Today I want to show you a beauty shop design.

SPA design

From the design, we can see this shop is very bright, and it is modern style. When we come into the shop, we can see a reception counter. If we don’t know this shop’s service, we can ask the people at the reception table, near the desk is a resting sofa, we can sit and learn more about this shop, if we think it can meet our requirements, we can do the project we want here.

manicure station

Inside the shop is a working area. We can see both sides are the manicure area and pedicure area. It has completed equipment and furniture. The chairs for customers must be very comfortable and meet the ergonomics design. For a long time project, we have to consider customers feeling and provide some comfortable furniture.

pedicure chairs

Pedicure area we need to put some chairs for customers, it can be deck chairs, so people can lie down and rest. Some customers who are particularly tired can get some sleep.

beauty salon design

The pedicure area generally will put a platform, and we can install a foot basin here. It is also convenient for us to service customers. And we don’t have to manually connect and pour water.

treatment room for beauty shop

In addition to manicure and pedicure, face and body treatments are also very popular. So we can set up some treatment rooms. Body treatments are more private, such as body massages, etc. So we need a separate room for them.

body treatment room

In the room, we can make a hanging cabinet for storage towels or tools and a cabinet with a sink for water.

beauty salon shop design

For the treatment room, we need to prepare a lot of things to make sure that everything we need can be done in there, and if our staff keeps going in and out of the room, it is not good for the customer experience. So in the room, we can prepare mirrors, sinks, lockers, etc.

spa shop lockers

All our stores are designed according to our customer’s shop area and their project. Different projects need different furniture. We can arrange the inside layout and produce the furniture to meet all your requirements. You can see the whole shop effect and each angle. We are a custom company, we can provide a full set of shop furniture for you. If you want to open a shop, please contact us and send your shop floor plan.