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The bar design is presented in a "civilization" and a very villainous posture. It is the city's acquiescence to not returning late at night. It gradually and more and more appears in every corner of the metropolis. Be a place for young people. Modern people are looking for leisure and elegant life in the spare time of severe work. Bars have naturally become such a kind of consumer darling. The existence of bars plays an important role for everyone. Some people use the bar as a refuge from the boring life, and some people use the bar as a break from the busy life. In fact, a bar is a place where people can listen and talk. If something unpleasant happens, going to a bar for a drink can make you forget it. If something funny happens, go to the bar to have a drink to celebrate, if nothing happens, go to the bar to make something happen. For the bar, in addition to the interior lighting decoration, tables, and chairs, the bar has become its most important part.

 bar counter

The Composition of the Bar Counter

The bar is the working area where the bar provides drinks and other services to the guests, and it is the core part of the bar. The bar consists of a bar cabinet and an operating table. The size and composition of the bar also vary according to specific conditions, and its styles can be varied.

Bar Counter Type

Straight Bar Counter: The basic three types of bar designs are usually straight bars closed on both sides. Such a bar can protrude into the room or be recessed into one end of the room. The advantage of this bar is that the bar’s waiters will not turn their backs on the guests, and the straight bar has no fixed size.  It is generally believed that the bar that bar staff can effectively control is about 3.5 meters.

straight bar counter

U-shaped Bar Counter: The bar protrudes into the room. Generally, three or more operating points are arranged, and two sections are against the wall. In the middle of the U-shaped bar, one can be set. Recessed storage cabinets.

U shape bar counter

Circular Bar Counter: There is a small island in the middle of this kind of bar for storing items and displaying alcohol, and others are semicircular, oval, and wavy. Furniture should pay attention to the application. The bar is best decorated with high-grade marble that shows luxury, calm, and elegance. But because marble gives a cold feeling, most bar counters are framed in wood or metal and covered with dark hardwood. The design and decoration of the bar should be carried out from the aspects of equipment, walls, floors, ceilings, lighting, windows, and some decorations.

circle bar couter

When setting up a bar indoors, the bar must be regarded as a part of the complete space, not just a piece of furniture. Good design can integrate the bar into the space. There are no specific rules for the location of the bar. Designers usually recommend using some abnormal space. If the bar is integrated as the main body of the space, the direction of the moving line should be carefully considered. Good design is instructive, making living and communication more comfortable. 

Bar Counter Location

The location of course also affects the circuit and water supply and drainage design, especially when it is far away from the pipe room or the drain pipe, the drainage becomes a big problem. The drain pipe should have a certain inclination angle. If the bar is close to the outside, you can connect the drain pipe to the outside and use a separate line to drain the water. If the pipeline needs to be connected to the pipeline and the inclination is insufficient, and the pipeline must be installed from the ceiling or the wall, the construction is more troublesome, and the cost will increase accordingly.

straight bar counter

Bar Counter Size and Configuration

The bar is composed of three parts: the front bar, the console, and the back bar. The height of the bar counter is about 1-1.2 meters, but this height standard is not an absolute truth and should be determined by the average height of the bartender. The height of the operating table under the front bar is generally 76 cm, but it is not static and should be determined according to the height of the bartender. Generally, its height should be at the bartender's wrist, which saves effort. The operation station usually includes the following equipment: a three-compartment washing tank (with initial washing, brushing, and disinfection functions) or automatic cup washer, sink, twist sink, wine bottle holder, cup holder, beverage, or beer dispenser, etc.

The height of the back bar is usually more than 1.75 meters, but the top should not be higher than the bartender's reach, and the lower level is generally about 1.10 meters or the same height as the bar (front bar). The back bar actually plays the role of storage and display. The upper cabinets of the rear bar usually display wine utensils, wine glasses, and various wine bottles. The middle is mostly various spirits for preparing mixed drinks, and the lower cabinets store red wine and other bar utensils. . The refrigerator installed on the lower level is used for refrigerating white wine, beer, and various fruit raw materials.

bar counter design

Light Decoration

The lighting intensity in the bar should be moderate. The work area and display part behind the bar require high local lighting to attract people's attention and facilitate the operation (illumination is 0-320lx). A light slot can be set under the bar to face the surrounding ground. Light up, give people a sense of stability, and the indoor environment should be dark so that you can use lighting to form interest and create different personalities. As the visual center of the entire bar, the bar part has high requirements. In addition to the lighting for operation, it is also necessary to fully display various wines and wine vessels, as well as the elegant and skillful wine-matching performance of the bartender, so that customers can get visual effects during the rest. The satisfaction of lingering in the relaxed and comfortable atmosphere. The lighting of the table is mainly prominent in the bar so that the people surrounding the table are only vaguely audible. The central public aisle part of the bar should still have better lighting, especially in the part with a height difference, floor lighting should be added to highlight the steps.

lighting bar counter

Bar Counter Design

It is very important to have a bar counter that opposes the style of the whole bar. We mainly rely on it for bartending and for work. There are also many issues that need to be paid attention to in the design of the bar. Therefore, it is not recommended to directly purchase the existing bar counter. We can design a suitable bar counter according to the style of the bar, the size of the bar location, and the location of water and electricity pipes. Corresponding lighting and back wall storage cabinets can also be designed. Ant Display is a professional furniture customization company. If you are looking for a bar counter, then we can help you develop a suitable plan together and produce the bar counter and storage racks, and lamps you need.