How To Design And Layout Your Cellphone Shop

In today's increasingly digitalized people, people's demand for mobile phones has also shown a surging trend, which has also urged the birth of mobile phone stores to a certain extent. However, the survival and development of mobile phone stores is not easy, in order to achieve sustainable operation, it must be carefully designed in many aspects, then how to design a mobile phone store, in order to improve the level of profitability? This article will focus on mobile phone display furniture, for the majority of mobile phone shop operators to provide useful reference.

The Decoration Style Of The Phone Store

As a place where consumer electronic products are sold, the decoration style of mobile phone stores should be consistent with the brand image. In order to attract the attention of customers and enhance the brand image, the decoration style of the store needs to be consistent with the characteristics of the brand, such as concise, modern, high-end and so on. In addition, the choice of color is also very important, and it needs to match the visual identity of the brand, in order to enhance the brand's recognition.

As a kind of store with a specific consumer group, in order to attract more customers' attention and enhance the brand image, the mobile phone store needs to ensure the consistency of style when decorated in the store. The consistency of this style can be the consistency of the overall tone, or it can be the penetration of a specific element, such as LOGO, color, font, etc. Specifically, mobile phone stores can choose the corresponding decoration style according to the characteristics of the brand, or through the use of brand-specific decorative materials and decorative supplies to enhance the overall identification of the store, so that it can better attract the attention of consumers.

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Display Furniture Design

1. Display rack planning

When considering display furniture, you first need to consider the planning of display shelves. Mobile phone display stands should have a simple, stylish design that is also easy to disassemble and move. In the display of mobile phones, should follow the principle of "clustering", the same brand, the same series of products placed together, convenient for customers to compare and choose.

2. Lighting design

Lighting is one of the important factors in displaying goods. For the mobile phone display stand, bright and soft lighting should be used to display the details and characteristics of the mobile phone. In addition, the lighting can also be combined with the characteristics of the product to create a different atmosphere and effect.

3. Security

In order to ensure the safety of customers, display furniture must be designed with stability and security in mind. In particular, safety facilities such as protective barriers and safety nets must be set up in display cases at high altitudes and in areas where heavy mobile phones are placed.

4. Convenience

In order to facilitate the use of customers, the design of display furniture should take into account the height and use habits of customers. For example, the height of the display cabinet should be moderate, convenient for customers to watch and choose; At the same time, you can set up a movable display table or display rack, which is convenient to adjust the position and display different models of mobile phones.

5. Maintenance

In order to extend the service life of display furniture and maintain its beauty, regular maintenance must be carried out. For example, regularly clean display cabinets, check that joints are tight, replace damaged parts, and so on. At the same time, wear and scratch-resistant materials can also be used for easy cleaning and maintenance.

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The Space Layout Of Cell Phone Store

The spatial layout of mobile phone stores needs to take into account the shopping experience of customers and the work efficiency of staff. In the layout of the store space, it should be set up clear divisions, such as a mobile phone display area, experience area, leisure area, cashier area, etc. In addition, it is necessary to rationally arrange the passage between various areas in order to facilitate the free passage of customers.

Mobile phone display stands are an important part of mobile phone stores, and their reasonable design directly affects consumers' shopping experience. In general, the height of the display shelf should be based on the adult's line of sight, so that consumers can view and choose. In addition, the product display on the display shelf should adopt the principle of "clustering", that is, similar products are concentrated on display to facilitate consumer selection. At the same time, the spacing between the display shelves should be easy to pass, but should not be too wide, so as not to waste shop space.

Improve After-sales Service

Perfect after-sales service is one of the important factors for customers to choose to buy mobile phone products. In order to provide better after-sales service, mobile phone stores need to have a professional maintenance team and a perfect return and exchange process. When designing a mobile phone store, it is necessary to reserve enough after-sales service areas and equipment to facilitate customers' after-sales service.

To sum up, designing a mobile phone store needs to consider several aspects. Through reasonable planning of the store decoration style, display furniture design, space layout and perfect after-sales service, customers' shopping experience and brand image can be improved, thus promoting the sustainable development of mobile phone stores.