How do you display beauty product in cosmetic store?

1.Placement of skin care products

2.Some display furniture commonly found in cosmetics stores

1.Placement of skin care products


Use eye-catching displays: Creating an eye-catching display is crucial to attracting customers. Start by selecting a vibrant and well-lit area to showcase your products. Vivid lighting will highlight the products' features and make them more appealing. Consider using spotlights or LED lights to draw attention to specific items.


Utilize shelves and racks: Organize beauty skin care products on shelves and racks, categorizing them based on brand, purpose, or type. Use simple and clear signage to guide customers and make it easy for them to find what they are looking for. Arrange products in an orderly manner to create a visually appealing and aesthetically pleasing display.

Cosmetic store

Create a focal point: Place a visually striking and popular product at the center of your display to attract attention. This product should be something that represents your brand or is currently in high demand. By placing it at eye level and adding signage or promotional materials, you can create a focal point that immediately grabs customers' attention.


Use props and visuals: Incorporate props and visuals that align with the skincare products you are promoting. For instance, if you are displaying moisturizers, include props like flower petals or images of hydrated skin to create a sense of softness and radiance. These visual elements help customers imagine the desired outcome of using the products.


Offer testers and samples: Allow customers to try out the products by offering testers and samples. Place mini-sized versions of the skincare items next to the full-sized products. This allows customers to experience the texture, scent, and effectiveness of the products before making a purchase. Provide small testers or applicators to maintain hygiene standards.


Present products in sets: Create product sets or bundles that cater to specific skincare needs. For example, combine a cleanser, toner, and moisturizer for a complete skincare routine. Arrange these sets side by side, emphasizing their value and convenience. Additionally, consider offering discounts when customers purchase the complete set, encouraging them to explore the full range of products.


Highlight product benefits: Clearly communicate the benefits of each skincare product through concise and straightforward signage. Use simple sentences to describe how the product addresses various skin concerns, such as hydration, anti-aging, or acne control. Highlight any unique or special ingredients that make the product stand out from competitors.


Provide educational material: Place informative brochures or pamphlets near the skincare products to educate customers about the importance of a skincare routine. Use simple language to explain the steps involved in a proper skincare regimen and how your products can help achieve desired results. Include before and after images to demonstrate the effectiveness of the products.


Offer promotions and discounts: Promote your beauty skin care products by offering special discounts or promotions. Use simple sentences on banners or signage to announce these offers. Examples include "Buy one, get one free," "Limited time offer," or "Spend $X and get a free gift." Clear and direct language will convey the message effectively, enticing customers to make a purchase.


In conclusion, displaying beauty skin care products effectively requires creativity, organization, and attention to detail. By implementing these ideas, you can create visually appealing displays that attract customers and drive sales. Simple sentences and concise messaging will ensure that your display effectively communicates the benefits of the products, making it easier for customers to understand and engage with your brand.


2.Some display furniture commonly found in cosmetics store

The cosmetic store have different kinds of display furniture. Such as cosmetic display stands, cosmetic display cabinets, gondola display shelf, acrylic displays for cosmetic etc.


Cosmetic display stands

Pink cosmetic display stand: The cosmetics display stand is round in shape, with two layers of cosmetics on the front and two layers of shelves on both sides. It has a unique shape and can hold many products. It is a very unique display stand. It is the most popular kiosk for the girls. The back side is made the round board, and which makes the whole display counter is oval shape. The display counter can be designed into any shapes, such as square, rectangle or irregular shape, all can have their own style to lead the customers to look at the products.

cosmetic display stand

Fashion black cosmetic display stand: This one cosmetic display stand size is 180*70*150cm. Its style is very modern and fashion. Besides, It is beautiful and practical and has the function of multi-layer storage. We provide the craftsmanship to bring you better. In fact, it can be used in many situations in life, not only for the cosmetics, but also for the accessories, stationery etc. The main material of the cosmetic display stand is cold board + iron + particleboard. This cosmetic stand have double side. It can double side displays. The bottom is the cabinet which can storage many things and support the top shelves. Middle storage cabinet, internal large capacity can be stored, reasonable use of every inch of space. At the top, there are two shelves to display the different cosmetics. The logo and products name can be displayed and shown to customers at the top frame. Then customers can know products selling here better.

cosmetic display stand

Cosmetic display wall cabinet

White wooden retail cosmetic cabinet: This one has W3000mm*2000mm*300mm, finished with MDF with baking paint, so its surface will look very shiny and smooth, which are deeply loved by most customers and commonly used in the cosmetic shop.There are lots of racks allowing you to place your various merchandise. You could arrange these spaces reasonably and make the layout look clean and tidy. In addition, the display shelf will add a light strip. All of these could make your product look beautiful and of high value.

cosmetic display cabinet

Multi-layer cosmetic display cabinet: This is one group cosmetics display cabinets. There is one big display cabinet with size 120*45*180cm in the middle, two small stands with size 45*45*180cm are on the beside of the cosmetic cabinet. So the whole size here is 210*45*180cm. But the size can be adjusted in the design according to your shop size or your demands. About the big display cabinet, the main function is displaying the goods. There are small drawers at the bottom, then there are 3 layers for display lipsticks, lip glaze, eyeshadow, mascara, mascara brush etc. It is very colorful. The girls and women like them very much. In the middle part, there are two square shape space with different small grids for showing the liquid foundation or others. The rectangle grid is for display the cosmetics packaging bag, which increase the level here. At the top part, one cosmetics poster s in the middle, and two sides are the display space. It really takes good use of the cabinet function.

cosmetic display cabinet

Gondola display shelf

Makeup gondola display shelf: The gondola we designed is similar to and a little different from ordinary shelves. Our common ones are used in retail stores to sell all kinds of items. And this one mainly displays cosmetics, skincare products, and other products, so there are some differences. This gondola display fixture has four layers, and we have added LED light strips on the string side of each layer to make the details of your product look brighter and more high-end. The biggest highlight of this display furniture is the design of the storage cabinet at the bottom. It is no longer a door-opening style, but a drawer with a lock. We also wrap your overall frame so that your gondola will not harm your customers.

cosmetic display shelf