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Medical beauty is to solve and improve skin diseases through medical means, to achieve a cosmetic effect. A person's appearance has a great influence on various aspects, especially the importance attached to an appearance by the younger generation. With the influence of metabolism and irregular life and rest, there will always be various problems with the facial skin. The most common facial skin may be acne, blackheads, etc. Most facial skin problems are caused by the pores or hair follicles not being completely cleaned. There are some skin problems that we can improve by changing our schedule, such as sleeping early and not overeating, and eating spicy food. But some require external treatment. Now many professional beauty institutions do skin care. They can help us improve skin problems. There is no gender difference in skin problems, so the business of beauty salons is very good. What I want to introduce today is the design of a modern medical beauty salon and the styles and details of the display furniture.
Medical Beauty Salon Layout

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Generally, beauty salons will have a front hall mainly used to place reception desks, rest sofas, and product display areas. The rest is the treatment room. The front hall of this store is rectangular, its size is not large. For this type of store, if we have more product types. The first thing we need to set up is a high display cabinet against the wall. They will only occupy a little space in the depth of the store. For the rest area, placing it against the wall is the best position.

Other furniture, such as reception desks or low display counters, can be placed in the middle of the store or against the wall. It mostly depends on the type and size of our other display cabinets.

In addition to the display cabinet, the logo or brand sign is also very important. They will generally be mounted on the wall or above the door of the store.

Store Color

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The color used for all display cabinets in this store is white, with mirror silver stainless steel as a decorative color. Adding white lighting makes the whole environment look very clean and comfortable. And white is a commonly used color in medicine, so it will give people a more professional feel. It is recommended that our staff uniformly wear white overalls. The style of the wall cabinet is American style, we can see that the top and the door of the cabinet have a square shape. Its display area is only in the middle, with the storage cabinet below. The display area can hold customers’ products, and the lockers can hold unopened products.

Display Furniture Style

If you want the whole store to look unified and professional, then all our display cabinets must choose the same color style. In addition to the wall display case, our reception desk, middle display counter, and sofa also need to use the same color. Such as white and silver stainless steel. Sofa if make white color will get dirty easily, so we can choose grey like stainless steel.

Logo & Sign

Logos and signs are an integral part of the store, they can be used both to promote our brand and as a decoration in the store. They come in many forms, such as non-luminous acrylic signs, 3D luminous signs, light boxes, and more. A glowing logo will be more beautiful and attractive.

Medicine Beauty Salon Display Cabinet Type

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There are 8 kinds of display cases and signs included in this store:

  1. High wall cabinet with brand logo
  2. Wall display shelving
  3. Cashier Counter
  4. Reception desk
  5. Center display counter
  6. Wall display cabinet with storage
  7. Sales window display
  8. Individual counter

I will tell you about their details in this shop.

1.  High Wall Cabinet

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This cabinet's basic material is MDF, surface finish is gloss baking paint. Its size is 1200x406x2400mm / 3.9x1.3x7.8 ft. In the middle of it is the display area which has a mirror silver stainless steel frame. Install light strips on top. The display area is use a tempered glass sliding door. Both glass and wooden doors are locked.

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We use 304# stainless steel on the display cabinet shelf. Brushed golden stainless steel and mirror stainless steel effects are widely used in high-end markets because of their good light refractive index. 

2.  Hand sink counter

For beauty salons, there are too many places that require water. During our facial treatment, we need to clean our face frequently, so we need to have water around us. We can make a cabinet with a sink around our work area to facilitate our work. The counter above is used in the front hall. The main materials are MDF with baking paint, and the countertop is made of artificial stone. On the left side of it is a small sink, and below it is a storage cabinet where a water pipe and pump can be installed. On the other side is an open space where sockets are installed so machines can be placed.

3.  Cashier counter

Reception counter

This is a cabinet used to store customer samples. It is divided into several small lattices, and light strips are installed on the top of each small lattice, so each part is very bright. Inside the grid is an acrylic box, and our samples can be placed in the acrylic box. The bottom drawer can hold other products. This cabinet size is 1300x500 900mm / 4.2x1.6x2.9ft. It is not a tall counter, so the material we use on the countertop is stone, we can put instruments or other products on the countertop, and the stone countertop is very strong.

4.  Reception desk

This reception desk is quite special, it can also be used as a consultation desk, we can help customers analyze their skin problems and make effective suggestions. It is a flat surface with two strips of mirror stainless steel trim. There are some drawers on the inside for our documents and pens etc.

5.  Center display counter

cosmetic counter

The cosmetic display cabinet in the center is essential. In addition to being used in beauty salons, their style of display cabinet is often used in SPA shops and barber shops. It is a high display cabinet against the wall, with storage cabinets up and down, and a hollow in the middle to install the sink. There are also styles with separate wall cabinets and sink cabinets. The above one is connected together, with a backplane connection in the middle.

6.  Display shelving

This is placed in the middle of the store, and the display area is in the shape of a trapezoid, on which we can place our products or menus, etc. It is composed of a mirror silver stainless steel frame and a white cabinet. It is very stylish and pretty.

7.  Logo


The stainless steel logo is a very high-end and commonly used logo material. Mirror stainless steel is the main decorative material of this store, and we can also use the same for the logo material. The 3D luminous logo is divided into two layers, the upper layer is the stainless steel layer, which is displayed outside. The bottom layer is acrylic and we will set up the wires inside. The 3D letters are all separated and there are wires on the back of each letter, so when you receive the goods, you need to install the logo and connect the wires according to the documents we gave. A lightbox is also a form of displaying a logo, which is displayed on a flat surface. Print the logo as a poster and install it in the lightbox, and then install it where we want. Lightboxes are generally used to display product images or model posters.

8.  Sales window display

cosmetic display

The window display is very important for a retail cosmetic shop. It reminds poeple of hot-selling products and appeals to them to get into your shop and purchase items. Merchants can place cosmetic sets here or attach advertising posters. It's a good idea to choose a unique cosmetic kiosk design for advertising.



The above is the introduction to the layout, color, style, and display cabinet details of this beauty salon. We can find that all our production is carried out as designed. That’s why we do design. The size, quantity, color, style, and layout of all our display cabinets can be presented on 3D design drawings. Only after arranging the style and quantity of furniture layout we like, we can start buying and producing. For professional brands and stores, no matter how small their store is, they will choose to do the design first. This avoids a lot of mistakes and it can help us confirms all the details.

Ant Display is a professional supplier of customized furniture for stores. We have our own factory and design team. Even though we are far apart, as long as you can provide your store floor plan, we can start the design. We will design a suitable layout and style according to your product, brand, and your requirements. When the final design is confirmed, we can know the final price and start production.