Did You Pick The Right Lighting For Your Jewelry Store?

The Classification Of Lamps

According to the appearance and installation method of the lamps needed in the jewelry space, there are spotlights, track lights, downlights, pole lights, lamp strips, T5 lamps, soft lamps, bladder lamps, full star lamps and so on.

  1. Spotlights

Jewelry spotlights are divided into two types: multi-bead and single COB, as a key lighting fixture in the store, the core device has three: chip, radiator, and power supply.

  1. Track lights

Track lights are mainly used in some locations that cannot be slotted for installation, or shops that need to flexibly adjust the irradiation direction, and are also widely used in stores such as clothing, shoes and bags.

  1. Downlights

Downlights are mainly used for store environment lighting, generally used in corridors, auxiliary lighting role.

  1. Pole lights

Vertical pole lights are commonly used in independent display cabinets and flat long cabinets. These display cases, in addition to projecting with large embedded lamps, also need close supplementary lighting, at this time, mini showcase lamps come in handy.

  1. Light strip

The light strip, like the spotlights, is the key lighting fixture in the jewelry store. It is installed around the glass counter and works with the spotlights to prevent customers from blocking the overhead spotlights and affecting the effect. In addition, it provides scattered light, which can make the jewelry accept the light source on all sides, to achieve the miracle effect of attracting the eye.

  1. Soft light bar

The soft light strip adopts a flexible FPC9 assembly circuit board, and the FPC material is soft, can be bent, folded and wound arbitrarily, and is used for interior decoration light sources such as landscape and dark grooves.

  1. Full star lamp plate

Full star, we say the lamp tray, a more expensive lighting fixture. Different shapes can be made according to customer requirements. In addition to ensuring the lighting conditions required by the store, the biggest highlight is the visual comfort of the person. It not only emphasizes the personality but also emphasizes the coordination with the background environment, the installation does not need to open holes, or fixed with screws, easy installation.

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Lights In Different Spaces

① Hanging lintel lighting

Lintel refers to the decorative part of the door head. The hanging lintel is actually a crucial piece of equipment in all the store space.  The hanging lintel's role is very large, both to determine the layout of the space, but also one of the main positions to promote the brand image, determine the structure of all the store locations and display case color, decoration, etc. As the saying goes: bring glory to the family. Hanging lintel lamps are mainly LED ceiling lamps because the ceiling lamp power is large, so choose good heat dissipation lamps, otherwise, the temperature in the hanging lintel will rise quickly, the circuit aging is very fast, easy to cause short circuits and other hazards, and the heat dissipation is not good, the life of the lamp is shortened sharply.

Display case lighting

Jewelry display cases are generally used to display small and delicate items and can be set up with light strips or pole lights for lighting. Pay attention to the matching of light colors. For example, gold jewelry can be illuminated with warm white light; Silver or diamond ornaments can be illuminated with white light. Due to heat generation, it is necessary to consider the heat dissipation treatment of the showcase. Lighting design 9 highlights the objects displayed around the principle of seeing the light and not seeing the light.

Two points need to be noticed:

1, enough light: of course, "enough" does not mean that the brighter the better. For some jewelry such as gold, white gold, pearls, etc., due to the small size, the lighting is required to be high enough, 2000 IX can be; And some jewelry such as jade, pay attention to soft, lighting needs not be too high.

2, reflect the characteristics: gold, pearls and others completely rely on the reflection of light jewelry, pay attention to the direction of the light incident, so that the emitted "flash" stimulates the customer's eyes; Jade pays attention to the transparent texture of jewelry, pay attention to the light.

③ Background lighting

Background lighting design should also be based on the material used and the surface texture of the material, consider the degree of lighting, as far as possible to highlight the center, too strong light will make people feel uncomfortable and easily cause glare and shadow. The installation of lamps above the background mainly plays a role in setting off the atmosphere and emphasizing the theme, at this time, you can choose the light color according to what kind of atmosphere you want to achieve.

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④ Aisle lighting

Aisle is a channel connecting space and space, and also belongs to the dynamic and dynamic area, and is a transitional space for the transformation of virtual and real functions. In the interior space design, the lighting design of the aisle can play the importance of reflecting the decorative style, the general lighting of the aisle can be selected sky lanterns, downlights and square light panels, etc., can also be equipped with arched ceiling or spot lights, bright light can make the space appear spacious so that the narrow and long space will not become monotonous or produce a feeling of depression, reasonable selection of lighting, Give people a feeling of beauty.

⑤ Back cabinet lighting

The back cabinet can distinguish the space into different functional areas, improve the utilization rate of space, and re-plan the space according to the actual needs with the most reasonable means so that the space can be fully utilized. In general, the position is higher, the light is darker, and the reasonable lighting is matched to highlight the product, attract customers, and promote the customer's desire to buy.

⑥ Window lighting

The window is the eye of the commercial store, it is the earliest display place in front of the customer, if a window lighting design is not in place, the whole window display will lose vitality and vitality; If a window lighting design is good, it will inject a certain color and dynamics into the window, which is very attractive to customers, and plays a role in gathering popularity and commercial soliciting. It can be seen that lighting design plays an important role in the overall design of the window. The window lighting should not only have a sense of beauty but also must strengthen the visual and atmosphere of the goods.