If we want to open a bakery, then we must first make a color positioning according to the business philosophy and theme style of the bakery, and choose two to three colors as the main color of the store. Of course, there are also different operation methods, such as different materials to highlight the overall visual impact of the store. For example, in combined with modernity, glass, stainless steel, metal solid wood, and other materials are mostly used. Lighter color elements can also be used as the main color. Traditional bakeries are mainly decorated with warm colors, such as yellow, orange, and red.

bakery designThere are many areas in the bakery, such as the flower decoration area, the cashier counter, the leisure area, the display area, and the freshly baked area. If you want a stronger sense of space, it is more reasonable to place the display area in the most eye-catching position, where you can relax. The area is for customers to rest and relax. The cashier is next to the leisure area, which is convenient for charging and promoting new products. The production areas such as the decoration area and the freshly baked area are placed in the innermost area. We must pay attention to maintaining the relevant independence of each area. and relevance, as well as ventilation and lighting must be properly matched so that customers do not feel stuffy or uncomfortable.

bakery layout Many people attach great importance to the decoration of the door. We will install our logo at the door of the store. If we are a brand, we can see that our logo will be more trustworthy. If the exterior is beautifully decorated, it will also make customers want to come in. We can find that the walls or doors of many stores are made of transparent glass so that people can see the inside even when they are outside. The in-store decoration is the key to attracting customers.

bakeshop designThe lighting of bakeries is generally the best with warm orange or orange soft light, which can add strong home leisure and lazy atmosphere to the natural atmosphere of the urban space. This kind of environment will arouse the great desire and appetite of customers to buy. There is also the matching of lighting, which can be better reflected in the decoration and matching of urban style, natural style, and literary and artistic style.

interior designThe style of the ceiling and walls must also be unified. The ceiling of the store above is a lattice design, and the lights are installed in a staggered manner, giving people a visual impact. The same lattice design can also be used for all decorations. We can put some decorations on the lockers on the wall, such as green plants or books.

interior 3D designFor a bakery, the space inside shouldn’t be too crowded. Because our customers can choose the brand they want, the liquidity will be relatively large. We need to provide customers with a comfortable and circulating space. We don’t recommend designing too many seating areas unless your shop is very large.

retail cabinet'It is very important to plan each space of the store reasonably. We can display all the cabinets we need by design, arrange their layout and position, etc. Only by arranging each area accurately and reasonably can we get results that exceed expectations. Design plays a vital role in a store, in addition to designing layouts and furniture, lighting effects. We can buy the right furniture by design.