Project Name: Sushi Restaurant-

Project Coordinates: Melbourne, Australia

Project Time: design time 1-2 weeks, production time, 6-7 weeks.

Types Involved: cash register, bar counter, cash register, wall cabinet, lightbox, LOGO


Brand Background:

This brand is located in Melbourne, Australia. The client already has a small cabinet in a Melbourne mall but wants to expand his brand. So I started my second project, opening a sushi restaurant.


Customer Demand,

Due to the distance, we cannot go to the local area to measure. The customer sent us the dimensions of his shop and also sent us his floor plan. After we understand the customer's needs, the next step is to understand the customer's style. What the client wanted was Japanese style, and then sent us some pictures for reference. Customers also have their own equipment. When we design, we will also design with customer equipment.


Shop furniture

All the client's furniture includes Bar counter, workbench, wall cabinet, lightbox.

Bar Counter: The front bar has two parts, one is for display and the other is for the cashier. The display part has sushi display cabinets, hot cabinets, and ice cream display cabinets. Because sushi cabinets and ice cream display cabinets have heat dissipation positions, we need to install stainless steel vents on the baffle to remove heat. Then there is the hot cabinet. We need to embed the hot cabinet in the counter, so we need to cut the countertop so that the equipment can be placed in. Next is the cash register counter, the countertop is made of white artificial stone.


Workbench: The workbench is divided into three parts. The first part is the workbench on the right, the second part is the workbench at the back, and the third part is the workbench in the lounge.

As Australia has requirements for the workbench in food stores, stainless steel is required as the countertop, and then a 60cm stainless steel baffle is also required. So we choose 304 stainless steel to make this counter for our customers. 304 stainless steel is widely used in the medical and food industries.

Customers have a lot of demand for sockets. We install sockets on stainless steel baffles. When installing the socket on the baffle, we need to pay attention that the thickness of the baffle needs to be 5cm, only in this way can the bottom box of the socket be hidden.

Sink-I want a three-foot sink, and the countertop and sink are integrated, so it looks more complete. For faucets, customers want high-pressure faucets, which can be used in a wide range. In addition to the three-foot sink, there is also a separate sink for washing hands. There is a workbench in the staff lounge.


Wall cabinet: The customer wants to put the microwave on the wall cabinet, so we leave a place in the lower-left corner of the back cabinet for the microwave. In order to allow customers to better use, we extend the bottom plate below. This is convenient for customers to put in the microwave oven.

Lightbox: This lightbox is very easy to use. We have installed wires inside of the lightbox structure which is made of stainless steel, and after you install the soft film, it can emit light. And the soft film can be changed frequently, if you have a new menu, you can change it at any time.

Logo: For this logo, we use the acrylic logo as the main material. If you have enough budget, we suggest that you can do the stainless steel logo, but the logo can not be complex.



The main material of the display counter is plywood, and on the surface of the counter, we use laminate. For the cashier desktop, we use the white Corian stone. For the working benchtop, we use stainless steel.

How to make a new store 3d design?

We provide customer service and have a professional design team. We have a professional designer to do the shop 3d design according to your requirements. Then you will see the whole effect firstly. After you satisfy it, we will start to produce according to the 3d design.