4 Popular Watch Shop Designs  For Your Watch Business

Although smartphones make it easy to check the time, watches are still popular. In particular, demand for high-end, luxury watches remains stable. In 2017 alone, online watch and jewelry sales in the United States reached $8 billion, and the annual growth in this field has continued to be 12.3% in the past five years. Even smartphone makers (most notably Apple) can't ignore the need for watches and have been working to develop smart luxury watches or technology watches that can help people pay attention to their health.

watch shopDue to the continuous demand and huge market, This is a ripe industry. If you plan to start a watch shop and try this new industry, before that, you not only need to do a good job in the market research of watch products but also set up your own watch brand promotion and publicity. It is also very important to design the layout of the shop location and select various display furniture.

Watch Shop Design Styles

Like many shops, the decoration of watch storefronts is also very particular, and there are many details that need attention. Counters, lighting, customer experience areas, customer service reception areas, product placement areas and so on all need careful design. A good store decoration can not only give customers an excellent experience but also make your product grade rise to a higher level. When a customer enters the store to buy a product, His first glance may be the decoration of this store. Exquisite store decoration not only reflects the grade of products but also is representative of consumers' taste. Therefore, store decoration must not be sloppy. Today, Xiaobian will take a look at four kinds of watch store decoration renderings with you to find out what kind of store decoration is more attractive.

watch shopThis watch store decoration is a combination of wooden showcases and glass showcases. Wooden showcases give people a feeling of a calm atmosphere, and watch products that need to be displayed are placed in small wooden squares. Under the bright light, watches have more texture. The watches displayed here are generally the main models in the store. Next to the middle display cabinet is a wall display stand. Several layers of plates display many watch types for customers to choose products and try on. In the center of the store is a large glass cabinet display area, and customers can also choose suitable watch products through transparent glass windows.

watch display counterIn addition to displaying watches, this shop is more about the pursuit of fashion and the sense of collocation, and many magazine brochures are placed in the wide area of the shop. In addition to displaying a lot of watch products in the wall cabinet, there are also some jewelry products, which you can try on together. 

watch shopFrom the decoration of this store, the main focus of this store is leisure style. Of course, there are many products in it, including backpacks, belts, and other leisure decorations. However, the watch is located in the center of the store, which can be regarded as the main product in the store. The types of watches displayed here are more casual and sporty, so the overall decoration is not so serious, and the display cabinets with wood grain color have softer lights. Because the products are popular, the design of the store will not make customers feel distant, and every product can be tried on freely.

watch shop

Although the watch products in the store don't seem to be very luxurious brands, you need to sell different products for different customers and be prepared to fully cover the customer level, or this is just a corner of your retail store, and you only need to design a certain area as an area for selling watch products.

display furnitureThe decoration renderings of this watch store look very high-end, and the main product style is business elite style, which looks like a huge exhibition hall at first glance. Of course, as a high-end brand watch sales center, the brand value must be highlighted to the extreme, and customers must feel the brand culture. In the decoration of this watch store, the conspicuous product logo is the first thing that catches your eye, and then the main star product, so that consumers can combine the product and brand into one at first sight, which has a good publicity effect.

watch shopWith the uniform dark blue color system of the store, from the design layout of the store, you will feel that the grades of these watches are different. Many wall cabinets and background wall decorations are used in the shop to highlight the brand image and product characteristics. Alternate light and shade to guide the flow of customers' sight. The combination of wall cabinets and counter promotes the furniture display level of the whole shop.

counterAnd this watch's storefront decoration renderings look particularly delicate, and the transparent glass display cabinet makes the product look very high-end, with bright lights, which illuminates the product with more texture. At first glance, it gives people a high-end atmosphere with a strong conference business atmosphere. The customers attracted by such store design are generally successful people in business, and the types of watches suitable for sale here can also be partial to business models. There are not many products placed in the product area, so there is a lot of room for customers to enjoy and try on products.

watch shopThe design of the whole shop is more like customers meeting together and choosing a watch to buy, unlike the serious and tense atmosphere of many shops. The display furniture used also tends to be jewelry or desktop style used in the museum display.



The above is the introduction of several shop design styles. After reading the above contents, you can find that there are many problems to be considered in the decoration, design, and layout of watch shops, not only in combination with the types of watches you said to sell but also in the positioning of customers, so as to design a suitable shop. If you have any questions about watch display furniture or design watch shop, please feel free to email us!