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Practical Cellphone Kiosk Simple Style Mobile Phone Counter

High-end Phone Kiosk & Glass Display Showcase with Professional 3d Design

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High-end Phone Kiosk & Glass Display Showcase with Professional 3d Design


The phone is very popular in our life, you can see there are many phone brands in our life. And the different brands will have different functions. So that’s why so many businesses will pay more attention to the choices for phone brands. A good phone brand will bring more visitors flow. Then help you create a profit, you can earn more money.

If you need to start your business, you need to make a kiosk first. Opening a kiosk will help you save more time than opening a store.

phone kiosk

Next, I will introduce the phone kiosk to you as a reference.

The phone kiosk has four sides to display the phone.

Glass showcase, As for the phone kiosk, you can see that there are three layers to display the goods. The top of this counter has a glass cover, which can display the phone better.  

The body of the kiosk, has a light strip, acrylic light strip bar, lightbox, and so on.

phone booth

Corner showcase: there are two corners on the kiosk, which is a glass showcase, each layer is the glasses. In order to make the corner showcase bright, we suggest that we can add a light strip on each glass layer. Then you can see that there are more bright on the kiosk.

Cashier desk and parking area, You can see that there is a cashier desk which is nearby the door. And people can serve people conveniently. One side of the kiosk has a counter which packs the phone and can take it as a pickup counter. And the counter also can be repaired counter. And if the customer wants to repair their phone, we also can provide the service. It can increase the trust of the customers.

display counter

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Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Materials MDF
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