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Multi-functional Cellphone Display Kiosk Fashion Mall Repairing Mobile Phone Kiosk

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As we all know, almost everyone has one cellphone. Mobile phone is indispensable for people's daily life, so there are many cellphone brand shops competing in the market. In order to improve the sales, the cellphone brand shops can open the retail booth in the mall or outdoor. In the way, one special and attractive kiosk is an important factor.

Description of the cellphone kiosk

This is one 4*2m mobile phones display kiosks which is the mall kiosk. About the sizes, it can be customized according to the mall required or the place space you get. The main color of the kiosk is blue, any color you like all can be made.

The cellphone kiosk is very multi-functional. At the front side, there are 4 sets display showcase with different layers design to display the cellphone and the accessories. The middle one showcase can be designed the cellphone poster and show the image. At the left side, the middle part is the TV player for customers can learn about the cellphones or advertisement. It two sides can be put some decorations. One logo sign can be showed the luminous LOGO.

The right part and a little back part are the counter with drawers, which is the repairing cellphone service areas. It has 3 chairs for the staff at the counter to work. There is also the display showcase at the back part. The back side is black and the logo sign and poster can be designed on it and on every corner.

3D design

We can customize and make the 3D design according to the size and style you need, and the design fee is 300USD but it can be returned after you make the deal with us. The design includes 3D effect, floor plan and technology drawing will details then you can know the specification.


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Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Materials MDF
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