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Phone Kiosk Design Glass Showcase in Mall for Sale

phone kiosk

Custom Phone Kiosk & Phone Accessories Kiosk Mall Kiosk Design in Mall for Sale

Mobile Phone & Electronic Products Display Kiosk In Mall or Store

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Kiosk Information

Size: 10x10ft

Basic material: PLywood

Surface finish: Laminate

Color: Black, red, wood

Toe kick: Stainless steel

Logo: Acrylic logo

Glass: 8mm tempered glass

Others: LED light strip

cellphone accessories kioskThe display form of this kiosk is irregular, it has various display methods, such as slat-wall display, shelving display, and glass cabinet. The front of the kiosk is a display with a glass door, where we can place mobile phones, laptops, or other electronic products.

mobile phone cabinet

In addition to the slat-wall display, it also has an inclined surface display, which can fully display the positive effect of the product, and customers can clearly see the appearance of the product without adjusting the angle. This display is also used in many mobile phone stores.

cellphone display cabinet

If we want more display space, we can make full use of the space outside the kiosk and make them all for display. Includes space outside the cashier.

mobile phone retail stand

This kiosk's main color is wood and black, this color combination looks high-end, and the wood color feels very mild and safe. The color of the kiosk mostly depends on the color of the logo, or the idea of the kiosk owner. If you want a high-end look, we can choose a wood color.

custom mall kiosk

Shopping Mall Design Idea

The idea of the mall kiosk is endless. We can design some different styles, shapes, and color kiosks. The style of the products, requirements of the mall, logo, or brand concept will affect the appearance of the kiosk. If we want to do our business in a mall, then we have to do a kiosk design.

Customized kiosks can fully meet our requirements, and shopping malls can also determine whether they meet their standards through design drawings or detailed drawings.

About Ant Display

We are a professional kiosk customization company, we can help you design and make the kiosk you want. If you’re buying in China for the first time, after we complete the kiosk production, we can help you ship the goods to the address you specify.

The production time is calculated according to the complexity of the kiosk, generally 25-28 working days.

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Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Materials Plywood, laminate
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