Creative Mall Cellphone Display Kiosk Retail Mobile Phone Display Showcase

Creative Mall Cellphone Display Kiosk Retail Mobile Phone Display Showcase

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High quality wood mobile phone kiosk retail phone accessory display furniture electronic display showcase

Cellphone Retail Display Counter Headset Display Showcase

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Mobile phones and various accessories have become necessities in people's lives, so selling mobile phones and accessories has also become a popular industry. This type of product is usually the first choice for people to start a business, and you need to know something about it when you plan to run a kiosk business.

Cellphone Retail Display Counter


To display all the mobile phone and headset products, the kiosk will be made of many transparent glasses, therefore can let customers see the inside products. So we need to think about how to combine all these materials together, making the kiosk looks better.

Cellphone Retail Display Counter

When you start your first kiosk project, you need designs to help you bring out the effects of each material and bring all your kiosk ideas to life. The design will also show you the kiosk layout so you know if the kiosk is exactly what you need.

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We have designed the kiosk as a transparent display cabinet on all sides so that customers can see your displayed products from any direction. And considering the special period of epidemic prevention and control, we also designed sneeze guard construction on the counter table.

Cellphone Retail Display Counter


This kiosk will use MDF as the basic material, the color can be chosen by your needs, you can select our design colors like green or black. We can also customize it to your requirements. All the surface colors are baking paint, which will go through five steps then get the final effect. So the surface color is not easy to oxidize and fade.

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Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Dimension 10*10 ft
Materials MDF and baking paint,stainless steel, stickers and so on
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