Customized mobile phone accessories kiosk design

Modern mobile phone accessories kiosk design cellphone store furnitures for mall

cell phone kiosk

Wood cell phone display kiosk electronics kiosk used in mall

Innovative phone accessory display kiosk for sales

Size: 3*3m

Color: white and blue

Material:MDF with baking paint



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When we hang out at the mall, we can see there are many different kiosks, such as food, clothing, eyebrow kiosk and so on. Most of them are very attractive. So, how to order a cathy onekiosk? If you want to open phone accessory kiosk, there is an innovative kiosk for you. It will attract more attention in the mall.


When we see this kiosk first, it is not difficult to find it has a top compared to other kiosk, which makes it look more modern and innovative. Under top, it installs a TV player, you can show your product advertisement to catch people’s eye. For an accessory kiosk, it is important to have enough space to show the product. Therefore, there are several displays with a slat wall. You are allowed to hang your product in the hooks. On their back side, they have the cabinets to store your stuff. This kiosk also includes a small cashier counter and front counter. You can place the logo on the wall, you can choose luminous logo, hollow out logo and others you want.

phone accessory kiosk

front counter

How to do a new design.

First, tell me your specific requirements, such as the layout, logo, size, color and so on.

Second, pay the 300 USD as the design fee. We will show all of your requirements in the 3D design and you can check its whole effect from that.

Third, we can modify the design until you are satisfied.

Fouth, confirm the design.

More Information
Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Dimension 10*10 ft
Materials MDF with baking paint
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