Innovative phone accessory display kiosk for sales

Innovative phone accessory display kiosk for sales

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Wood cell phone display kiosk electronics kiosk used in mall

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Modern technology is changing with each passing day. As we step into the 21st century, we believe that we are familiar with mobile phones, which have occupied most of our lives. Compared with a mobile phone, a mobile phone is not only a big phone, sending messages so simple, it is more intelligent, to bring people a lot of convenience. In the shopping mall, we can see a lot of mobile phones for sale.

Detail information

Size: 4*3m

Color: wood and white

Material: wood and tempered glass

Design time :2-3 workdays


We can see this kiosk. It includes several displays and cases. They have different functions. There are displays with hooks, you are allowed to show your phone accessories. And the glass displays are supposed to display your electronic product. And also, there is a long counter which allows you to work here.

This cell phone kiosk uses wood as the main product instead of only using the MDF with baking paint, which makes it look more high-end and elegant. There is a board, you show your main product name, website and logo here.

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Production and shipping

The production time needs to cost 22--27 days. All of our machines are imported, which can make the goods have better quality control. The shipment time depends on your nearest port, if in the US, it may cost 30-40 days. We usually arrange the shipment for our customer, but the freight needs to pay by yourself.


More Information
Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Materials wood
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