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High-end Phone Kiosk & Phone Accessories Kiosk Professional 3d Design

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High-end Phone Kiosk & Phone Accessories Kiosk Professional 3d Design


In daily life, kiosk plays a very important role. When we go shopping, you can see kiosks of various styles and colors, which are very useful. It can show items more clearly. This allows customers to understand some of the main information more intuitively.



A good kiosk needs to echo with the lighting, and also needs to match the theme style of the brand. So at this time, you need a good design to help you realize the brand characteristics. 

Next, I will introduce the phone kiosk 3d design to you as your reference.


Phone Kiosk Design

The main style of the kiosk is wood style and will make the whole display counter more unique and professional. You can see that there is some wood structure on the top. And there are some spotlights on the top. In order to make people know the brand, we add the logo on the top.

And there are three parts which one part is to display the phone, one part is to display the phone accessories, the final part is to do the repaired place.

There are some glass cases to display the phone. And inside of the case has the step shape display, and the customer can see it clearly. The color of the kiosk is a glass showcase to display the phone.

Middle of the counter is repaired counter and cashier desk, and you can repair the phone on it.


Phone Accessories Display Shelves: there are some display shelves on the other side, and you can display the phone accessories at the same time. One of the display shelving has a lightbox that can advertise your brand. And the bottom of the stand is the storage space.


We have a professional design team and can work out the new plan according to your requirements. We will do the 3d design firstly, and then you can see the whole effect firstly.

After you are satisfied, we will start to produce.


production process

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Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Materials MDF
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